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Don't Vote!

Read our Statement on the Minneapolis "Don't Vote" Billboards

On October 3, our hip-hop mogul 50 Billion begins a four-week tour through Florida with his new hit song, Don't Vote, exploiting the political power of hip-hop to encourage youth to "Block the Vote". After all, too many gangster rappers at the polls would perturb our comfortable headlock on political power!

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We also have karaoke and instrumental versions of the song, as well as music sheets.


And now, an important Election Day announcement from the Billionaires for Bush...

I keep flashing back on Y2K
When the Billionaires took your Voting Rights away.
Convicted felons got purged from the list,
A lot of innocent peopleís names were dismissed.
We set up some roadblocks on that November day
And cars full of black people got turned away.
So many ballots were tossed out as bad
Cause of a dimpled or a hanging chad.
Down in Florida we struck a mortal blow
Cause Georgieís brother Jeb was running the show.
And the secretary of state who inflicted the pain
Was the chair of the Florida Bush campaign.
And the commentator who it called for Georgie B.
Was his cousin whoíd been working for Fox TV.
A New Election Day is coming and weíre gonna win it
If the Billionaires can keep you from getting in it!

(Donít vote) If youíve got a better place to be.
(Donít vote) You could stay at home and watch TV.
(Donít vote) You could be kicking it with your crew.
(Donít vote) Just let The Billionaires choose for you!

We found a better way of making it seem clean,
We built an electronic voting machine.
And then we sold these suckers nationwide,
But weíre the only ones who know whatís on the inside.
You push the buttons and our voting machine keeps track,
We made it so itís very easy to hack.
Call for a recount. It will probably fail.
Cause our machines donít leave no paper trail!
The Billionaires donít want you to vote this year.
Weíre sending you a message thatís loud and clear
That the votes canít be counted in your community
Why even register? Donít waste your energy!
Donít go to the polls on election day
Cause we bought the election and it had better go our way!
And on election night, weíll sit back and gloat.
Heh, the Billionaires donít want you to vote!

(Donít vote) If youíre happy with George Bush in charge!
(Donít vote) If you want to keep us liviní large.
(Donít vote) Do you really want to rock the boat?
(Donít vote) Hey, the Billionaires donít want you to vote!

When other countries go and have an election day,
People walk across mountains to have their say.
Wait in line for days until the vote begins.
They sit and watch the votes get counted to see who wins.
Here in America, we put obstacles in your way.
Weíre really hoping youíll stay home on Election Day.
But if yaíll voted, if each one of you just up and went.
Thereíd be a very different government!

(Donít vote) If you really want to fight in the war.
(Donít vote) If you like the way weíre treating the poor.
(Donít vote) If you donít care about education.
(Donít vote) Keep the Billionaires controlling the nation.
(Donít vote) If you want to help us CEOs.
(Donít vote) If you like the way the money flows.
(Donít vote) Do you really want to rock the boat?
(Donít vote) Heh, the Billionaires donít want you to vote!


Written by Felonius Ax (Clifford J. Tasner) & 50 Billion (Wil b)
Arranged and Produced by Felonius Ax
Emcee: 50 Billion (Wil B)
Vocals: O. Wuzzitchors Nowitzmein (Arlys Alford)
Synthesis: Warren Proffet (Ross Wright)
Alto & Baritone Sax: Big Time Dick (Mike Nelson)
Trumpet: Pesos Ganados (Frankie Hernandez)
Trombone: Eubie Greenbacks (John Grab)
Organ: Felonius Ax
vocals recorded and mixed by Georgie OíMarauder (Paul Berolzheimer)

©2004 by Tasner Tunes (Clifford J. Tasner BMI) and Lu Chi Fu Music and Films c/o Baby Jada's Musik and Mr. Bannister's Publishing (William Bannister BMI). All rights reserved.



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