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Social Insecurity Calculator

Social Security is in crisis! Wall Street isn't getting our cut!

Here's How George Bush wants to rectify the problem: Enter your income in the box below to see how much money we're asking you to sacrifice annually to hand extra profits to the elite few on Wall Street.

Thanks kids, and huzzah!

Enter Your Average Annual Salary (e.g. 40000): $

What Year Were You Born? (1950 or After):

Your Promised Annual Social Security Benefit Now:


Wall Street brokerage houses stand to gain billions in brokerage fees from Bush's plan. By some estimates, $240 billion in fees would be diverted to investment firms during the first 12 years of privatization alone. Whether you win or lose, Wall Street elites win!


How Much You Will Get From Traditional Social Security:

How Much You Will Get From Private Account:

Total Annual Benefit Under Bush Privatization:

Your Promised Annual Social
Security Benefit Now
Bush Plan $
Total Annual Benefit
Under Bush Privatization
Your Annual Dollar Sacrifice
for Brokerage Firm Profits

Your Annual Percentage Sacrifice Under Bush Privatization = %

All numbers are annual benefits adjusted for inflation. Calculations are based on Congressional Budget Office (CBO) economic assumptions. The President has said that individual accounts would do nothing to restore long-term solvency and that further benefit cuts are necessary. Since he has not made a specific proposal, these estimates assume that benefits are “price indexed,” a proposal made in Plan 2 of President Bush’s Social Security Commission. Please Click Here for Detailed Explanation of Calculations and Assumptions.



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