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50 Billion's Florida Hip-Hop Tour

Our Midwest Swing State "Get on the Limo" Tour was a smashing success! We hounded Bush and Cheney at their campaign appearances, energized local chapters, and garnered over 30 local and national media hits. Most importantly, we started a trail of solid new Billionaires for Bush chapters in the Midwest swing states, all of which are now reminding voters just how good the last four years have been for the corporate elite at the expense of everyone else!

But our work in the swing states isn't through, and the Billionaires are hitting the campaign trail in style once again — our hip-hop mogul 50 Billion is going to Florida! Kicking off on October 3 in Tampa, for the next month 50 Billion and his crew will tour with their new hit song, Don't Vote!, exploiting the political power of hip-hop to encourage youth to leave the voting to us. After all, too many gangster rappers at the polls would perturb our comfortable headlock on political power!

As part of our new "Block the Vote!" campaign, the Florida tour will relentlessly counter-protest the efforts of organizations like CODE PINK, The League Of Pissed-Off Voters and Power On! to mobilize the youth vote. They will also join Florida Billionaires to bring proper recognition to Geroge W. Bush, the best president money can buy! Click here for more details.

Help 50 Billion Reach Florida Voters: Donate Now!

Thanks to your generous donations, we raised enough money to take our limo tour through the Midwest. But the class war isn't over and a tough fight remains in Florida!

We know that true Billionaires expect perks and kickbacks, so we’ve devised the following “thank you” scheme for our most esteemed donors.

As a 527 we are authorized to accept donations in all amounts — no amount is too small or too large! Even donations of $10 or $20 dollars go a long way.

Billionaires for Bush is also grateful for in-kind donations of office space, limousines or local limousine rentals, frequent flyer miles or airfare, hotel accommodations and gasoline.



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