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Recent Events

Our pursuit of plutocracy keeps us busy indeed! if you missed these events the first time around, you can still see them here.

Visit our blog for info on past and upcoming events organized by our local chapters.

Sept 24th,2005: Billionaires Defend War Profits!
Washington D.C., Phoenix AZ, Eugene OR, Los Angeles CA, London, England

Aug 24th, 2005: Drunk on Power Ball New York City

April 1st, 2005: Billionaires launch weekly news commentary - The Big Business Minute on I.N.N. (International News Net)

Mar 31: April Fools' Ball
New York City

Apr 15: Tax Day
The top 1% thank working Americans @ post offices nationwide.

Apr 22: Earth Day
Represent industrial interests at your local gathering of caribou-lovers.

Billionaires Auction off Social Security on eBay! High bid is $24 Billion! (April 18th) eBay Pulls B4B's Auction of Social Security

Anxious to realize the corporate profits of a privatized Social Security, and frustrated with President Bush's failure to convince the American public to disregard their best interests in support of Wall Street, we're offering the federal program on eBay to the first privately held Brokerage firm that can meet their reserve. Corporate giants are encouraged to bid.

$ View a copy of the eBay auction page before it was removed
$ Read our latest press release after eBay pulled the auction
$ Read the Q&A from the auction
$ View the statement from the winning bidder, Rep. Mark B. Cohen
$ Read our original press release announcing the auction

Past Events

Jan 21-22: B4B National Convergence
Jan 20: Re-Coronation Inaugural Ball
Jan 20: Auctioning Social Security
Oct 3-Nov 2: Florida Limo Tour
Sep 26-Oct 15: Southwest Limo Tour
Sep 20: Education is Not for Everyone Day
Sep 6: Cheap Labor Day
Aug 29-Sep 2: RNC Extravaganza
Aug 14: Cheney Is Innocent!
Jul 28-Aug 29: "Get On The Limo" Swing State Tour
Jul 27: Million Billionaire March at the DNC
Jun 19: Widen the Healthcare Gap!
May 22: Billionaires Ball II: A Spring Bling K'Ching Thing
Apr 15: Tax Day
Jan 31: Billionaires Ball



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