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Billionaires in Action

Photos of heroic billionaires on the front lines of the class war. We always fight in style, and we always win.

Additional galleries

Billionaire operative R. Owen Laws and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld joke about the coming acquisition of Iran's oil industry. Photo by Skip Kaltenheuser.

Alan Greenspend instructs the American people to embrace the coming plutocracy.

Auctioning Social Security during Bush's re-coronation in DC. And hey, when's that global warming going to kick in?

Billionaires Minister of Finance Lu Tenpillage celebrates Cheap Labor Day with Bush Labor Secretary Elaine Chao

Like Martin Luther King forty years before them, Billionaires lead a heroic march for their rights — to buy the president.

Thanks to billionaire Mayor Bloomberg's ban on protests in Central Park during the Republican National Convention, Billionaires for Bush were able to play croquet in peace.

Billionaires Commander of Black Ops Alan Greenspend discusses progress in the Class War with Newt Gingrich

From the sunroof of his stretch Humvee, Captain Monet Oliver d'Place declares New York home of Billionaires for Bush and their prized candidate as the Limo Tour concludes at the Republican National Convention.

The Limo Tour stands in defense of Dick Cheney on its way through Madison, Wisconsin.

Our "Get on the Limo" tour takes off from the Democratic National Convention in Boston. Photo by Antrim Caskey

Monet Oliver d'Place leads the Boston Million Billionaire March in a spirited chant of "Whose President? Our President!" Photo by Antrim Caskey

Felonius Ax and 50 Billion premiere our new CDs at the May 22 Billionaires Ball: a Spring Bling K'Ching Thing. Photo by Carl Skutsch

Billionaires thank ordinary New Yorkers for taking on a greater tax burden to put millions more in our pockets. Photo by Fred Askew

K. Ching toasts to Bush's unprecedented tax breaks for billionaires. Photo by Fred Askew

Billionaires rally for stretch limos, luxury humvees, and other gas-guzzlers at NYC auto show. Photo by Carl Skutsch

New York Billionaires out in force at the March 20 anti-war (anti-our money!) protest. Blood for oil! Photo by Carl Skutsch

Striking a pose in our Exclusive SoHo Loft. Photo by The New York Times

Billionaires ecstatically welcome Bush's Chief Advisor Karl Rove to a NYC fundraiser. Photo by the Associated Press

Seymour Benjamins chants "Four More Wars!" and "Write Big Checks!" to Bush's Maverick mega-fundraisers in line to see Karl Rove. Photo by Fred Askew

Obedient media swarm Karl Rove look-alike and his trophy wife. Photo by Fred Askew

Billionaires welcoming parade for Karl Rove. Photo by Fred Askew

Phil T. Rich delivers a moving speech at the NYC Billionaires Ball. Photo by Diane Lent

Lovely ladies at the Billionaires Ball in NYC. Photo by Diane Lent

An exquisitely crafted ice sculpture of the Billionaires logo. Thanks to Bush's tax relief, we can afford basic necessities like these. Photo by Diane Lent

The Million Billionaire March at the 2000 Republican National Convention in Philadelphia.

Additional Galleries

Assorted photos from the Democratic National Convention

Billionaires Ball: A Spring Bling K'Ching Thing

Tax Day: thanking ordinary taxpayers for paying OUR fair share

Billionaires showcase gas-guzzlers at auto show

March 20: NYC Billionaires call for Four More Wars

Billionaires welcome Karl Rove to a mega-fundraising dinner for Bush in NYC
More photos from the Karl Rove fundraiser

Photos from the first Billionaires Ball in NYC
More photos from the first Ball
Even more photos from the first ball



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