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Welcome members of the media!

Below you will find various press-related resources to help you serve us efficently. Remember, your favorable portrayals of the moneyed class and our interests should remain fair (no dirty tricks, aka "investigative reporting") and balanced (no favoritism — oil profits are just as patriotic as prison profits). (Oh, one more thing, some links older than January, 2005 may be dead, you know, like fair play, equality and the New Deal.)

Press Contacts

We are currently looking for a new Public Relations Director. In the meantime, please contact Billionaire At-Large:

Marco Ceglie (aka Monet Oliver DePlace)
(p): 718-483-6616 / (e): monet (at) BillionairesForBush (dot) com

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2006 Billionaire Press Highlights

National Co-Chair Ivy League Legacy
PHOTO: Ivy League-Legacy, National Co-Chair, standing up for the rights of Fisher Island's resident elites. Photo by Keisha Rae Witherspoon of the Sun Post.

[9.8.2007] A Tale of Two Protests
- Sun Post - Miami, Fla
"Monday morning commuters along the MacArthur Causeway were confronted by not one, but two protests outside of the Fisher Island Ferry terminal: one staged by a labor union protesting alleged mistreatment of workers on the luxurious island, and a counter-protest rally by a group of supposed "billionaires advocating for the rights and interests of people of absolutely fabulous wealth."

[9.8.2007] Cheeky protesters target Bush, leaders
- - Australia
"On Saturday, a group calling themselves "Billionaires for Bush" carried placards reading "bombs not books" and "blood for oil."

The group of 20 were dressed in business suits and were approaching the main rally in Sydney's Hyde Park when they were surrounded by police and told to hand over their placards for their own safety. "Billionaires" organizer Tim Longhurst said police were concerned that they could be the subject of attack if they went into the mostly anti-Bush rally.

Ivy League-Legacy and Rob DaPore [8.30.2007] Buyout Tax Debate Hits the Hamptons
- NY Times - New York, NY
"The group did draw a crowd when two costumed protesters emerged from a limousine, dressed as in the style of "Billionaires for Bush" (think pearls and bow-ties) and sporting nametags that identified them as "Ivy League Legacy" and "Rob Dapore."

- Chronic Magazine - USA
"Sean (Diddy) Combs, Jay-Z, LL Cool J and Alicia Keys were among the notables the NYPD monitored in the months before the convention arrived in New York.

The cops kept tabs on anti-Bush groups like Cabbies Against Bush and Bands Against Bush, as well as Billionaires for Bush, a group not really for Bush at all."

[5.17.2007] Tales from Stasiland: NYPD Spied on "Anti-GOP" Groups
- Harper's Magazine - USA

[4.19.2007] Kremlin justice in the U.S.
- Los Angeles Times - Los Angeles, CA
"The New York Times reported in March that New York City, led by a Republican mayor eager for his party to enjoy a smooth convention, had its police spy on all manner of groups planning demonstrations at the 2004 Republican National Convention. The espionage was carried out under the rubric of anti-terrorism, but many of the groups targeted (such as the satirical street theater group Billionaires for Bush) had not the slightest whiff of violent intent."

[4.11.2007] 'Billionaire' group not stingy on political satire
- Daily Free Press - Boston, Mass
"National co-chair Elissa Jiji, who goes by Meg A. Bucks, said humor proves an effective means to convey a message because it energizes and engages people regardless of whether they agree with the group's message."

[3.30.2007] NYC; How to Tell A Billionaire From a Bomber(Subscription req.)
- New York Times - New York, New York
"Speaking up for that put-upon class is a mission of the Billionaires, whose full name is Billionaires for Bush. You may have seen them in the streets, decked out in tuxes and gowns, praising Big Oil, proclaiming a' la Leona Helmsley that only little people pay taxes and organizing events like Dick Cheney Is Innocent Day. In New York, they have circulated petitions demanding limousine lanes, freed ''from the clutches of bicycles.''

They are, as should be obvious, a band of satirists who don't think much of President Bush (or, for that matter, the never-met-an-unwelcome-developer climate of the Bloomberg City Hall)."

[3.26.2007] City Asks Court Not to Unseal Police Spy Files
- New York Times - New York, New York
"One group that learned it had been the subject of an intelligence report, Billionaires for Bush, offered a lighthearted response to the news. The group, a satirical troupe, dresses in tuxedos and gowns to provide faux endorsements of the administration.

Marco Ceglie, a national co-chairman who performs as Monet Oliver d'Place, said a member of the group known as Meg A. Buck had issued a statement: "We suspect they were looking for stock tips.""

[3.25.2007] City Police Spied Broadly Before G.O.P. Convention(Subscription req.)
- New York Times - New York, New York
"The satirical performance troupe Billionaires for Bush, which specializes in lampooning the Bush administration by dressing in tuxedos and flapper gowns, was described in an intelligence digest on Jan. 23, 2004.

"Billionaires for Bush is an activist group forged as a mockery of the current president and political policies,'' the report said. ''Preliminary intelligence indicates that this group is raising funds for expansion and support of anti-R.N.C. activist organizations.""

[2.25.2007] The truth about coal
- International Herald Tribune - Earth
"Last Wednesday, members of the Rainforest Action Network, a scrappy little advocacy group, assembled in New York outside the Citigroup Center, where Merrill Lynch has a branch office. Dressed in top hats, carrying bags of coal and calling themselves "Billionaires for Coal," the group was protesting what it felt was the hypocrisy of a giant investment bank that proclaims a devout commitment to "environmental excellence" even as it provides financing for dirty power plants."

[1.30.2007] Environmental Group Delivers Lumps of Coal to Merrill Lynch to Protest Texas Power Plant Project
- - USA
""Billionaires for Coal" and members of the nonprofit Rainforest Action Network staged the stunt to protest the bank's role in financing Dallas-based utility company TXU's plan to build 11 new coal power plants across Texas in the coming years."

[1.30.2007] Merrill Targeted by Global Warming Protest Over TXU
- - USA
"More than a dozen demonstrators costumed as Wall Street financiers -- black dress coats, white spats, top hats fashioned from cardboard -- congregated outside the entrance to the company's New York City headquarters this morning and handed leaflets to employees arriving for work. ``Merrill Lynch -- Banking on Climate Destruction,'' the leaflets said."

Bills bribe Eugene, OR judge with cash.
[9.10.2006] PHOTO and CAPTION: "Parade judge Amy Newton, 11, holds the "bribe" she got from " Billionaires for Bush" -- just for vote-swaying fun." (Photo by Chris Pietsch/The Register-Guard)

- The Register-Guard , Eugene, OR

[9.10.2006] Judges pay attention: At the annual Eugene Celebration parade.
- The Register-Guard - Eugene, OR
"The "Billionaires for Bush" entry featured a woman pretending to sip from an oil can while she stood in the sunroof of a long, white stretch limo. Her cohorts, also "loyal to oil," handed out fake cash to onlookers."

[9.9.2006] Cheney Visits Harvard Club Through Back Door
- The Harvard Crimson - Boston, MA
"A group of self-proclaimed 'Billionaires for Bush and Cheney,' dressed to the nines, serenaded the crowd: "All we are saying is give greed a chance!""

Eugene Chapter Leader Millie O'Nair
PHOTO: Millie O'Nair, Richly Upholstered Chair of the Eugene, Oregon chapter, strikes a very rich pose for the Eugene Weekly.

[8.3.2006] Happening Person: Erin Ely
- The Eugene Weekly - Eugene, OR
""I'm an instigator," says Erin Ely, wearing a gold lamE jacket and jewelry befitting her status as organizer for the local chapter of Billionaires for Bush. "I get things started.""

[5.1.2006] Estate-tax repeal: a morality play Proponents of keeping the tax view the issue as one of 'fairness and equity.'
- The Christian Science Monitor - USA
"Also showing up (not by accident) was a parody group, Billionaires for Bush, that frequently attacks the "Dynasty Tax." No mercy was shown the 18 billionaire families. "We pay good money to get rid of laws we don't like," said a woman who took the name Iva Fortune.""

[5.1.2006] Protesters March for Broad Agenda in New York
- The New Standard - Syracuse, NY

[4.17.2006] Billionaires For Bush Celebrate Tax Day
- People's Weekly World - USA
"As Ola Garky, Senior Policy Analyst for Billionaires For Bush explained, iThis most recent round of tax cuts will continue to explode the deficit by giving away over $900 Billion to the super-rich over the next ten years."

[4.15.2006] Anti-War Protesters Talk Taxes In Suburban Post Offices
- WBBM NewsRadio 780 - Chicago, IL
"...they got their point across with such comments as, "It's a clever war. We've gotten all these Iraqi terrorists to attack us in Iraq, and we're saving them plane fare on top of it. It's a win-win situation."

[4.14.2006] Billionaires For Bush Celebrate Tax Day!
- - USA
"Dressed to the nines in tuxedos and ball gowns, delighted Billionaires For Bush will gather in cities across the country to say to American taxpayers, "Thank YOU for paying OUR fair share!""

[3.22.2006] War opponents gather in downtown Chicago
- Quad-City Times - Iowa

Bring Them Home Now Peace Stamp
PHOTO: The new "Bring Them Home Now!" postage stamp designed by Billionaires For Bush founder Andrew Boyd. You can buy them here:

[3.21.2006] Iraq Turns Four: To Rock or Protest?
- The Village Voice - New York, NY
"Earlier in the night, Darryl "DMC" McDaniels of Run-DMC fame joined antiwar activists in the unveiling of a new antiwar postage stamp featuring a yellow ribbon transposed over a peace symbol.
The fully legit stamp was designed by Andrew Boyd, one of the founders of the spoof group Billionaires for Bush, who said he got the idea from online sites that allow people to create their own stamps.
The stamps cost a dollar each, with proceeds going to fund the vets and military families on the "Bring 'Em Home Now!" tour. You can buy them here.
"Perfect for mailing petitions to Congress or posting your tax returns," Boyd said."
Click Here to see Andrew's pictures from the event.

[3.21.2006] Funny Money: The Billionaires' limo ride from easy street to the stage
- The Village Voice - New York, NY
"You've seen them at rallies. You've seen them at demonstrations. Now you can catch that most theatrical of protest groups, the Billionaires for Bush, in a place both unlikely and inevitableoa theater."

[3.19.2006] 7,000 march against war on Mag Mile
- Chicago Sun Times - Chicago, IL
"Also at the plaza were members of the Chicago chapter of "Billionaires for Bush,'' who carried a myriad of signs: "It's a class war and we're winning," "Cheney is innocent," "Bush lied: We made billions."
The "Billionaires" chanted, "Four more wars,'' "This is what plutocracy looks like,'' "Money for war and privatization, put the poor on reservations."
"We decided to use humor instead of anger," said Sandy Bykowski, who wore a faux leopard fur hat, fake jewels, a fancy dress and a feather boa.
A tuxedo-clad Brent Mesick, from Lake View, said the group mocks President Bush's appeal to average people. "He is really for the upper East Coast," Mesick said. "The people he represents are the billionaires.""

[3.19.2006] Protesters Sound Off: Opponents take to streets
- New Brunswick Home News Tribune - New Brunswick, NJ
"Somebody told you this is ironic?" asked Lee Davis of Hillside, wearing a name tag on her coat that read, "Hello My Name Is Livina Mansion." "Those of us married to a war profiteer have done very well." Speaking in character as a member of "Billionaires for Endless War," Davis discounted the frightened and injured Iraqi children staring out from 30- by 40-inch posters. "Somebody has to pay the price to do well, and better somebody else's children than any of mine. And mine are at Yale."

[3.18.2006] War opponents gather in downtown Chicago, prepare for Michigan Avenue march
- The San Jose Mercury News (via the Associated Press) - San Jose, CA
"In Chicago's federal plaza, about 150 demonstrators passed out leaflets and listened to speeches. Many held signs calling for the end of the U.S. involvement in Iraq as a group of tuxedo-wearing, mock counter-protesters - calling themselves "Billionaires for Bush" - shouted "wars and occupation, not jobs and education."

[3.15 - 28.2006] Theater in the City with Raven Snook: Push, Push for the Bush!
- L Magazine - New York, NY
"With all the buzz about impeaching the President (at least in my circles), Iim thrilled to see that his most glamorous supporters, Billionaires For Bush, have not abandoned him."

[3.15 - 21.2006] Springtime For Billionaires
- New York Press - New York, NY
"Those singini & dancini BILLIONAIRES FOR BUSH, whoive never shied away from the simple fact that They Own You (and everything else), are bringing their latest satirical review back to Ace of Clubs beginning MARCH 18, with new songs, new sketches and new games to play."

[3.14.2006] Follow the Money
- Capitol Hill Blue - Washington, DC
"Sometimes, through, you can find a dose of humor among the corruption of big money. Like "Billionaires for Bush," a 527 group formed in 2000."

[3.2006] The Billionaires Are Back
- The Brooklyn Rail - Brooklyn, NY
"We make the streets of New York into the theater of dissent," said Robin Eublind. "New Yorkers, media, politicians - they all become a part of our script."

[3.01.2006] Billionaires for Bush - Because we are all in this together, sort of
- The Philadelphia Jewish Voice - Philadelphia, PA
"For much of the 20th century, democratic notions like "opportunity for all" and "public service" dominated American public policy, seriously threatening the privileges of wealth all Billionaires depend on."

[2.22-28.2006] Feeling like a pheasant; Cheneyis rules of the game
- The Villager - New York City, NY

Bills stand up for the mom and pop shop that is Wal-Mart
[1.23.2006] PHOTO and CAPTION: "Robin Eublind (left) and Matine E. Launch III, of Billionaires for W, join union workers and merchants from the Bronx Terminal Market at a rally on the steps of City Hall to protest a proposal to build a big-box store on the site of the market." (Photo by Ron Antonelli)

- NY Daily News, New York, NY

[1.2006] Billionaires for Bush
- - New York City, NY
"Wendy: Have any Billionaire children died fighting in Iraq?"
"Meg A. Bucks: Like the President and Vice President, and well most of the Republican leadership, Billionaires don't go into combat. That's why we have the middle class."

Click Here to read NYCool's raving review of December's Dick Cheney Holiday Spectacular!

2005 Billionaire Press Highlights

Bills dodge the paparazzi
PHOTO: Getty Images photographer Landon Nordeman captures Count D'Monet as he grabs a break from the rabble and a bite to eat while on the 2004 National "Get on the Limo" Tour.

[12.05.2005] Dick Cheney's Holiday Spectacular 2005 Premieres Dec. 19
- Broadway World - Monsey, NY

[11.20.2005] A day for protest shopping
- - Columbus, GA

[11.15.2005] Oh no, Grannies won't go
- New York Newsday - New York, NY

[11.14.2005] Another anti-war movement taking shape? - Activists say current protests outpacing Vietnam era
- The Columbia Chronicle - Chicago, IL
"Ayers said one of the things more prevalent in this movement is its use of humor, satire and the arts as a form of subversion and resistance, using the radical cheerleaders and Billionaires for Bush as examples."

[11.03.2005] 1,000 stage Loop protest against Bush administration
- Chicago Sun Times - Chicago, IL
"Comedian and radio personality Aaron Freeman and fellow performers dressed in costume to become "Billionaires for Bush," holding signs such as "Wealth Care Not Health Care" and calling Bush "the finest president we have ever owned -- he has been a fabulous investment for us."

[10.20.2005] Dear Abbie's Esquire Talking with Gerald Lefcourt, attorney to stars many, motley, and magnanimous
- Village Voice - New York, NY
"Did the protests of the last few years remind you at all of the '60s? A little bit. One of the ones that reminded me a little bit of Abbie was that group Billionaires for Bush. That's sort of an Abbie type notion."

Puttin' the buck$ in Starbucks
"PHOTO: NYC Billionaires outside of a Manahattan Starbucks on August 6th, 2005, shortly after presenting the Starbucks manager our prestigious Better Billionaires Business Bureau Award for Outstanding Unfair Labor Practices." Photo by Ryan Speth

[10.16.2005] Marching for peace as a proud duty
- Roanoke Times - Roanoke, VA
"They carried signs that said things like "Leave No Billionaire Behind." One man wore white pants, a double-breasted navy blazer, a red ascot and a white yachting cap. His sign read, "Yacht Owners for Bush." The whole group sang sweetly, "All we are saying is give greed a chance."

[10.02.2005] Peace Marchers Recall Vietnam War
- Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - Little Rock, AR
" make peace. I hear someone chanting, "Where's the profit in peace?" and there are the Billionaires for Bush."

[10.02.2005] I saw it happen on Willamitte Street
- The Register-Guard - Eugene, OR
"The sign that read "Impeach? We Paid for 8 Years!" would have brought George W. Bush to tears. Waving bottles of Dubya's Rid-X-Shampoo, the activists said the Prez hasn't got a clue. They spoke words such as Cronyism and Competence, tongue-in-cheek..."

[9.25.2005] Some Go By the Book; Others Follow Their Conscience
-Washington Post - Washington D.C.

[9.25.2005] Hundreds voice feelings on Iraq
- East Vally Tribune - Phoenix, AZ

[9.19.2005] Restive Tinseltown Has New Hunger forAactivism
- Los Angeles Daily News - Los Angeles, CA "... Responding to the "What is to be done" question at the forum, rapper Wil B of the parody group Billionaires for Bush urged hip-hop musicians to sing about positive social change instead of gangstas and hos ..."

Bills in Minnesota
"PHOTO: A group calling itself Billionaires for Bush protested outside the Target Center, saying that the president's policies have largely benefited the wealthy." Photo by Mark Zdechlik / Minnesota Public Radio

[08.10.2005] Billioniares Rush to the Aid of StarBucks Billionaires could not sip their lattes idly while StarBuck$ faced attacks by ungrateful workers.
- NYC IndyMedia - New York, NY
"...a bevy of Billionaires recognized our #1 specialty coffee retailer for its outstanding performance in union-busting and its continuing commitment to pay its baristas unlivable wages."

[5.4.2005] May Day's Meaning Not Forgotten at Village Marches
- The Villager - New York,NY

[4.18.2005] Bush's Art Police Coming to a Venue Near You
- Minnesota Daily - Minneapolis,MN

[4.18.2005] Protesters And Supporters Voice Opinions From Afar
- - Columbia, SC

[4.16.2005] Procrastinating Taxpayers Get an Earful on Tax-Day
- Epoch Times - New York, NY
... One group called "Billionaires for Bush," used satirical humor to criticize tax cuts received by higher income individuals ..."

Bills in Wappingers Falls, NY
"PHOTO: Billionaires for Bush turned out on April 15th to thank the workers for paying their taxes, while the wealthiest Americans enjoy huge tax cuts." Photo by Anthony Maresco

[4.16.2005] "Billionaires for Bush" Celebrate Tax Day
- The Modern Tribune - Wappingers Falls, NY

[4.13.2005] Students protest JP Morgan
- Washington Square News - New York, NY
"... Members of Billionaires for Bush, dressed in top hats, tails and ball gowns, joked with the NYU "investigators" about JP Morgan Chase's financial practices."

[4.11.2005] In Defense of Starving Yachtsmen Everywhere
- Newark Star Ledger - Newark, NJ
"Laugh once, think twice." That's the mantra offered by Marco Ceglie..."

[4.6.2005] Coalition Pressures Congress to Reject Bankruptcy Bill; Rallies ...
- OpEdNews - New York, NY

[3.31.2005] Anti-Bush rally set in Montpelier
- Barre Montpelier Times Argus - Barre, VT

[3.22.2005] Protesters Rip Plan for Private Accounts
- Rocky Mountain News - Denver, CO

[2.10.2005] The young and the older gather at the Blue Dragon for food and ...
- Albuquerque Tribune - Albuquerque,NM
"In the next, the satirist campaigners Billionaires for Bush carried facetious signs such as "Corporations are people too" and "Four more wars."

[1.31.2005] Newspaper Buys Billionaire Act
- Detroit Free Press - Detroit, MI
"... Clark, a former volunteer for the Democratic Kerry-Edwards campaign, is part of a group called Billionaires for Bush, which seems to exist for the sole purpose ..."

[1.30.2005] Gaps in Disclosure, and in Satire
- Washington Post (Subscription) - Washington D.C.
"... Thanks to Erik Wemple of Washington's City Paper, we now know that Rich R. Danu was part of a group called "Billionaires for Bush, a bunch of lefty satirists ..."

[1.27.2005] New firie for Anchorage!
- Anchorage Press - Anchorage,AK

2005 Inaugural Press Highlights [01/26/05 - 01/14/05]:


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