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The Billionaires Are In The House feat. 50 Billion

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The Song:
by Felonius Ax (Clifford J. Tasner) & 50 Billion (Wil B)
©2004 by Tasner Tunes and Lu Chi Fu Music, all rights reserved

Emcee: 50 Billion (Wil B)
vocals: Ho’ Lotta Bling (Marion Ramsey), Warren Proffet (Ross Wright) & Felonius Ax
Synthesis and Rap recorded by: Warren Proffet (Ross Wright)
vocals recorded and track mixed by Georgie O’Marauder (Paul Berolzheimer)

The Video:
Executive Producer: Felonius Ax (aka Clifford J. Tasner)
Producer: G Money (aka Cathy Gesualdo)
Producer: Kent Nichols
Director: Cecil B. d’Million (aka Miles Sonenbaum)

First Assistant Director: Kevin Turley
Second Assistant Director: Josh Friedman
Production Associate: Grasping Greed III (aka Steve Komen)
Production Associate: Jillian Neal
Director of Photography: Chaim Toorich (aka Adam Meltzer)
Steadicam Operator: Taj Tefaha
Cinespeed Operator: Elhanan Matos
Camera Operator: Jake Capistron
1st Assistant Camera: Max Neal
1st Assistant B Camera: Paul Brown
Camera Intern: Rasi Delgato

Art Director: Quito
Set Dresser: Stephan Kocev
Set Dresser: Josh Cleary
Animation/Graphics: Chris Veres Bunz

Costume Designer: M$. Cora Upt (aka Shawn Barry)
Costumer: Mr$. Patsy Buck (aka Nancy Barry)
Make up Artist: Niza Juarez

Gaffer: Sylvester Cheney-Gambino III (aka David Yellen)
Electric: Adam Genzink
Electric: Emilio Rosario
Key Grip: Kevin Kelly
Grip-Dolly: David P. Bischke
Grip: Luis Bonachea
Grip: Jimmy Ramirez

Craft Service: Gavin Klein & Mitch Ware

Sound Advice/Playback Coordinator: Milt Ray Buildup (aka Glenn Berkovitz)
Playback Masters: Earl A. Warningsystem - (aka Earl Ghaffari)
Playback Operator: Gonejahlion (aka Aaron Herndon)

Executive Producer: Tamsin Prigge
Editor: Rob Auten
Online Editor: Aaron Neitz

50 BILLION: Wil b
Secretary/Woman on Hummer: Guensie Grecy
Secretary: Shamya Hawque
Lawyer: Kerry Hower
Accountant: Scott Purcell

Backup Singers:
Ka’amilya Ali
Christian L. Scott
Nichelle Mounue

Michael Korhonen
Felonius Ax (aka Clifford J. Tasner)
James Otis
Grasping Greed III (aka Steve Komen)
Isaiah Hogg (aka Jim Beam)

Pool Party Guests:
Sheik Al’latacrude (Neal Taylor)
Lolita Bagranyan
Kyle Dean Crisp
Teuila Crisp
Ayanna Foster
Deirdre Gabourel
Regla Garcia
Jaime Harum
Dava Hulsey
Nancy Heard
Allison Johnson
Sparkles R. McGowan
Georgia O’Thief (Jeanette Oki)
Debbie Taunt (aka Christina Linhardt)

Dog: Vegas

Special Thanks:
King Cut
Horvath Generators

King Cut was proud to support and work alongside The Billionaires for Bush on the music video project.
Enrique Aguirre: Principal
Tim Anderson: Principal
Lisa Bachelier: Office Manager
Beth Prandini: Post-Production Assistant

DVD Compression and Encoding by LightSoundImagination (Bryan Conover)



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