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Cheney Is Innocent!

A National Day of Action to Launch the Dick Cheney Defense Fund
Saturday, August 14, 2004

Enough is enough! Dick Cheney has taken it on the chin for the last time.

We are declaring August 14th “Cheney Is Innocent Day”, a National Day of Action. Now is the time to start preparing.

There is a long list of accusations against him:
- Overseeing Enron-style accounting at Halliburton
- Halliburton bribery investigations
- The secret energy task force
- Supreme Court cronyism
- Doing business in Iran, Iraq, and Libya
- Arranging no-bid contracts
- Multiple draft deferments
- And more…

We have the Billionaires’ answer to every one of them, and we must show our support for Bush’s right hand man!

Click here for more Cheney information.

Action Elements (Mix N Match)

A. Press Conference to Launch Dick Cheney Defense Fund
Billionaires in full attire hold press conference to launch Dick Cheney Defense fund.

B. “Cheney is Innocent” Vigil
Billionaires in black hold candles (candelabras?) and distribute fliers to passers by.

C. Bake Sale for Dick Cheney Defense Fund
Have your staff bake lots of goodies to (actually) sell. Treats might include yellowcake, Pentagon-shaped cakes, or perhaps some fois gras from the duck hunting trip.

Basic Elements of any Cheney Day Action

Distribute fliers to passers-by. If media is present, Billionaires spokesperson gives short speech “defending” Dick Cheney. Fellow Billionaires stand by supportively and cheer at appropriate moments.

- Signs
- Leaflet
- Songs & music
- Talking points
- Press release


Candles, silver candelabra, black umbrellas (for vigil)
A "Cheney is Innocent" sign: (defense fund)
Donation jar with gold coins, fake money, for Dick Cheney Defense Fund
Bake sale table & goods

Radio Spots

Send this brief Halliburton Billionaire Moment to your local radio station to play on Cheney Is Innocent Day. Invite them to your vigil, bake sale, or press conference.


Action can be held at one of these locations:
- in front of a courthouse
- local utility (energy) company
- military recruitment center
- in front of a media outlet
- at a busy intersection, busy shopping center, fairgrounds, etc.

The location should be exposed to a lot of pedestrian traffic. If that’s not available, then a location with a lot of auto traffic is acceptable, but this is a distant second choice, as it will be difficult to distribute leaflets.


Whatever time is most convenient for local Billionaires on Saturday 8/14.


We Lost Martha, We Lost Ken Lay, Please, Please Don't Take Dick Cheney Away

1-2-3-4, we make money when there's war,
5-6-7-8, Halliburton's really great!

More chants

Musical Resources

In honor of Cheney Is Innocent Day, our own Minister of Musical Manipulation, Mr. Felonius Ax, has written a song for you and your fellow Billionaires to sing. It's called "Dick Cheney Is The Man." You can sing it to the tune of "Amazing Grace," or you can use our own Billionaire tune, "Pious Folks Are Plentiful" off our CD The Billionaires Are In The House. If you sing it to our tune, you can download the mp3 of the instrumental track and burn a CD so you'll have a lovely Bluegrass band accompanying you. Another nice song you can sing on this special day is, "We're Enron" off of our first CD, Here Come The Billionaires.

Here are the lyrics to of both these songs.

Here is the lead sheet for "Dick Cheney Is The Man".

If you're really ambitious, here's a 4-part Soprano/Alto/Tenor/Bass vocal arrangement of the song for your Billionaire Choir to sing.

If you haven't purchased our CD and want to hear how "Pious Folks Are Plentiful Goes," download the MP3.

Here are the instrumental tracks to "Pious Folks" and "We're Enron".

May this Dick Cheney Is Innocent Day be the most magical ever!

More Information

Enron-Style Accounting at Halliburton

Nigerian Bribery Scandal

Secret Energy Task Force

Doing Business with Iran, Iraq and Libya

No-Bid Contracts for Halliburton subsidiary

Supreme Court Cronyism

Draft Dodger



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