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Billionaire Chants
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They pander to you, but they answer to us!
Big Money's power is marvelous!

This is what PLUTOCRACY looks like!

Take to your cell phones, take to your faxes,
Join the fight to end all taxes!

Let workers pay the tax, so investors can relax!

Big money, united, shall never be defeated!

Welfare for the wealthy!
Keep our profits healthy!

Wealth care, not health care!

Tax wages, not wealth!

Watch more Fox News,
Then you’ll share our right-wing views!

Make a smart investment, buy yourself a President!

Money for war and occupation,
Not for jobs and education!

1-2-3-4, we've got billions, we want more!
5-6-7-8, cut more taxes, we can't wait!

Make war, not jobs!

What's outrageous? Living wages!
What's disgusting? Trust-busting!

What do we want? Prison labor!
How do we want it? CHEAP!

What do we want? Sweatshop labor!
How do we want it? CHEAP!

1-2-3-4, we don't care about the poor!
5-6-7-8, don't you dare tax my estate!

Four more wars! (repeat)

Blood for oil! (repeat)
Whose president? Our president!
Whose money? Our money!
Whose media? Our media!
Whose wars? Our wars!
Whose oil? Our oil!
Whose missiles? Our missiles!
Whose tax cuts? Our tax cuts!
Whose yachts? Our yachts!

1-2-3-4, we make money when there's war,
5-6-7-8, Halliburton's really great!

Bush and Cheney are the best,
Billionaires know where to invest!

Poor people, get a clue,
The USA is not for you!

Write big checks! (repeat)

We're here, we're rich, get used to it!

No justice, no problem!

We shall over-bomb...

More money, fewer hands!

We want more! Give us more!
Billionaires for Bush's War!



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