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"Block the Vote Heroes" Online Playing Cards - Diamonds
Print them out, trade them with your friends, and honor as you see fit these public servants and corporate heroes who labor behind the scenes to ensure that the wrong people don't get a chance to vote.

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Block the Vote Playing Cards
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Ace of Diamonds Allen Raymond Ace of Diamonds
 Block the Vote Hero
Allen Raymond
Former-President of GOP Marketplace
Allen pled guilty in U.S. District Court to phone-jamming NH Democratic get-out-the-vote offices on Election Day 2002. Allan admitted that he had discussed the plan with an official of a national political organization, but won't say who.
Block the Vote Trading Card read more:
Portsmouth Herald
Nashua Telegraph
Union Leader
Block the Vote Trading Card
King of Diamonds Ernie Fletcher King of Diamonds
 Block the Vote Hero
Ernie Fletcher
Kentucky Governor
Ernie is blocking the restoration of voting rights for ex-felons by requiring them to submit a written essay, and three personal references with contact information. The entire process is not so different from the literacy tests of the Jim Crow era of prejudiced politics.
read more:
Lexington Herald-Leader
Peace and Justice Kentucky
Queen of Diamonds Donetta Davidson Queen of Diamonds
 Block the Vote Hero
Donetta Davidson
Secretary of State, CO
Donetta announced that if a voter casts a valid provisional ballot in her state, only the vote for president will be counted. She has also pushed for a number of legally questionable technicalities in which a legitimate ballot may be thrown out.
Block the Vote Trading Card read more:
Denver Post
Rocky Mountain News
Block the Vote Trading Card
Jack of Diamonds James Trakas Jack of Diamonds
 Block the Vote Hero
James P. Trakas
Judge-Executive, Knott County, KY
Jim is recruiting poll "watchers" for $100 each to challenge anyone standing in line to vote who appears on a Republican-compiled list of Ohio voters whose addresses may be incorrect. The lists include 35,000 names.
read more:
The New York Times
Toledo Blade
Ten of Diamonds Rachel M. Hoff Ten of Diamonds
 Block the Vote Hero
Rachel M. Hoff
Ex-Notary Public, State Republican Party, SD
A number of University of South Dakota students, after being approached by a group of men, filled out absentee ballots. The ballots were later turned in with Rachel's notary seal, even though she wasn't there. Criminal charges have been filed.
Block the Vote Trading Card read more:
KELOLAND Television
Rapid City Journal
Block the Vote Trading Card
Nine of Diamonds Loren Leman Nine of Diamonds
 Block the Vote Hero
Loren Leman
Lieutenant Governor, AK
Loren twice removed from the ballot a measure allowing voters to choose a replacement for a senator who quits. When he lost, a judge called his wording inaccurate and biased. Loren's boss appointed his own daughter to fill his Senate seat when he became governor in 2002.
read more:
AP Story
Alaska Daily News
Eight of Diamonds Chris Roads Eight of Diamonds
 Block the Vote Hero
Chris Roads
Pima County Registrar of Voters, AZ
Chris told college students that if they plan to return to their home states "they cannot vote here" and that "it is a felony if you are lying on that form." It actually takes only 29 days to establish residency in Arizona.
Block the Vote Trading Card read more:
Fox 11
Copy of Fox 11 Story
Block the Vote Trading Card
Seven of Diamonds Mark Jacoby Seven of Diamonds
 Block the Vote Hero
Mark Jacoby
Young Political Majors, LLC, FL
A number of students have said that voter registration cards collected by Mark had their party affiliation fraudulently changed to Republican. Alachua County is investigating.
read more:
Independent Florida Alligator
AM 850
Six of Diamonds Nathan Mertz Six of Diamonds
 Block the Vote Hero
Nathan Mertz
South Dakota College Republican Treasurer
Nathan was directly involved in fraudulently notarized absentee ballots collected on college campuses for a GOP get-out-the-vote campaign. Nathan was then recruited to collect votes in Ohio for Larry Russell.
Block the Vote Trading Card read more:
KELOLAND Television
Rapid City Journal
Block the Vote Trading Card
Five of Diamonds David O'Mara Five of Diamonds
 Block the Vote Hero
David O'Mara
GOP Election Day Coordinator, NV
David was told by Nevada's Secretary of State that his interpretations of how voters may be "challenged" at polling places was incorrect and could result in intimidation and discourage voters from going to the polls.
read more:
Las Vegan Sun
Nevada Appeal
Four of Diamonds Jerry Joe Dotson Four of Diamonds
 Block the Vote Hero
Jerry Joe Dotson
Campaign Worker, KY
Jerry has been charged with handing out $10 bills in order to buy votes for John Doug Hays, who ran an unsuccessful campaign for district judge. Several of her cohorts have already pleaded guilty.
Block the Vote Trading Card read more:
Lexington Herald-Leader
Block the Vote Trading Card
Three of Diamonds Russ Dove Three of Diamonds
 Block the Vote Hero
Russ Dove
Editor, Truth in Action Web Site, AZ
Russ visited numerous polling places during the Arizona primary elections wearing a toolbelt and a black T-shirt labeled 'U.S. Constitutional Enforcement.' He confronted voters with a videocamera as part of a personal search for illegal aliens.
read more:
Arizona Daily Star
The Progressive
Two of Diamonds Larry Haake Two of Diamonds
 Block the Vote Hero
Larry Haake
Chesterfield Registrar, VA
Larry plans to post police officers and sheriff's deputies at 62 polling places on Election Day to guard against any terrorist activity. The move is widely seen as an attempt to curb black voter turnout.
Block the Vote Trading Card read more:
Richmond Times-Dispatch
Richmond Times-Dispatch



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