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"Block the Vote Heroes" Online Trading Cards - Spades
Print them out, trade them with your friends, and honor as you see fit these public servants and corporate heroes who labor behind the scenes to ensure that the wrong people don't get a chance to vote.

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Block the Vote Playing Cards
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Ace of Spades Chuck McGee Ace of Spades
 Block the Vote Hero
Chuck McGee
Ex-Executive Director of State GOP, NH
In summer 2004, Chuck pleaded guilty in the U.S. District Court to a conspiracy charge and admitted paying $15,600 to a telemarketing company that phone-jammed New Hampshire Democratic get-out-the-vote offices on Election Day 2002.
Block the Vote Trading Card read more:
Portsmouth Herald
Nashua Telegraph
Union Leader
Block the Vote Trading Card
King of Spades John Ellis King of Spades
 Block the Vote Hero
John Ellis
Fox News Election Night Decision Desk
In 2000, John cleverly called Florida for George W. Bush even though the data showed results far too close to call. His decision made Bush the presumed victor, and thousands of votes went uncounted. Why Fox News allowed Bush's cousin to do this is anyone's guess.
read more:
CBS News
Queen of Spades Kathy McKee Queen of Spades
 Block the Vote Hero
Kathy McKee
Protect Arizona Now
Using Proposition 200, Kathy and Protect Arizona Now want to force citizens to show identification when voting, making it impossible to vote by mail. Kathy's national advisor feels that "each ethnic group is often happier with its own kind."
Block the Vote Trading Card read more:
AZ Central
Block the Vote Trading Card
Jack of Spades Scott Walker Jack of Spades
 Block the Vote Hero
Scott Walker
Milwaukee County Executive
Scott tried to short-change the city of Milwaukee by promising them several hundred thousand fewer ballots than the city requested. Scott, who also serves as Bush's State Campaign Chair, eventually succumbed to media pressure.
read more:
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
USA Today
Ten of Spades Jack Richardson, IV Ten of Spades
 Block the Vote Hero
Jack Richardson, IV
Jefferson County GOP, Chairman, KY
Jack said he wanted to put Republican "voter challengers" - people who challenge voters for identification - in 59 mostly black neighborhoods on election day in his county. The NAACP called it "assault by voter intimidation."
Block the Vote Trading Card read more:
Courier Journal
Block the Vote Trading Card
Nine of Spades Deanie Lowrie Nine of Spades
 Block the Vote Hero
Deanie Lowe
Supervisor of Elections, Volusia County, FL
Deanie tried to wield her power to single-handedly reduce the number of minority voters by refusing to open early voting offices throughout the county. The NAACP responded with legal action and won.
read more:
Daytona Beach News-Journal
Eight of Spades Theresa LePore Eight of Spades
 Block the Vote Hero
Theresa LePore
Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections, FL
In 2000 her county was in ground zero for ballot chaos, and Theresa designed the ballot. She later oversaw an election for her own job during which police surrounded the election center because of a "terrorist threat." She lost.
Block the Vote Trading Card read more:
Greg Palast
The Miami Herald
Block the Vote Trading Card
Seven of Spades George Gekas Seven of Spades
 Block the Vote Hero
George Gekas
U.S. Representative, PA
George reportedly put together a systematic effort to "challenge" voters in counties favorable to his Democratic opponent, Rep. Tim Holden. George is accused of distributing an 18-page manual that includes a section about "challenging a voter."
read more:
Working for Change
Six of Spades Todd Schlekeway Six of Spades
 Block the Vote Hero
Todd Schlekeway
Ex-Coordinator for the Republican Victory Office, SD
Todd handled absentee ballots collected from USD students that were notarized by a woman whom no one remembers seeing - which is illegal. Todd was then recruited to collect votes in Ohio by Larry Russell.
Block the Vote Trading Card read more:
Rapid City Journal
Rapid City Journal
University of South Dakota Volante
Block the Vote Trading Card
Five of Spades Matt Robb Five of Spades
 Block the Vote Hero
Matt Robb
Republican leader, 48th Ward, South Philadelphia
Matt put his name on a last-minute request to relocate 63 polling places; 53 are located in areas that are less than 10 percent white. Robb, who is white, admitted race was a reason, adding "I'm just not going in there to get a knife in my back."
read more:
Philadelphia Daily News
Four of Spades Frank Sutton Four of Spades
 Block the Vote Hero
Frank Sutton
Concerned Citizen, GA
Frank asked for a list of Hispanics registered to vote in Atkinson County, then challenged 78 percent of them. The men and women were required to show up at the county courthouse to prove their citizenship in order to defend their right to vote.
Block the Vote Trading Card read more:
AP News
Gwinnett Daily Post
Block the Vote Trading Card
Three of Spades James Tobin Three of Spades
 Block the Vote Hero
Jim Tobin
Bush-Cheney New England Regional Chair
Jim is embroiled in a scandal over the phone-jamming of Democratic get-out-the-vote offices in New Hampshire on Election Day 2002. Tobin allegedly helped set up the event and paid for it with New Hampshire Republican State Committee funds.
read more:
Portsmouth Herald
Nashua Telegraph
Union Leader
Two of Spades Suzie Haik-Terrell Two of Spades
 Block the Vote Hero
Suzie Haik-Terrell
Former U.S. Senate Candidate, LA
In 2002, black children were paid $75 to hold signs aloft on street corners in poorer neighborhoods to discourage black voter turnout. The signs, targeting Suzie's competitor, said: "Mary, if you donít respect us, don't expect us."
Block the Vote Trading Card read more:
Louisiana Weekly
The New York Times
Washington Post



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