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Our Story

For much of the 20th century, democratic notions like "opportunity for all" and "public services" dominated American public policy, seriously threatening the privileges of wealth all Billionaires depend on. Government taxed the rich, regulated corporations, protected the environment and the average person felt increasingly entitled to share in America's prosperity. Ordinary people were educated for free and over 50 media companies helped give them a balanced picture of what the government and corporations were up to. They were dark days.

But we Billionaires fought back. We used our money to beat democracy at its own game. In the early 70s, we created think tanks like the Cato Institute, the American Enterprise Institute, and the Heritage Foundation. We paid scholars top dollar to come up with theories explaining why increasing our wealth was in everybody's interest, like our favorite, "trickle-down economics" — helping the rich get richer will eventually help the poor. Brilliant! Next we found the right performer to sell our ideas — Ronald Reagan. One of our own General Electric employees, not a great deal going on upstairs, easily controllable, totally in our pocket, and charming with the masses. Perfect! Finally, we focused on buying up the media to ensure that Americans know and think only what we want them to. We had a good run of it in the 80s. Unions were broken, industries deregulated, media relieved of the legal obligation to provide balanced news coverage, public services slashed and debt skyrocketed along with expenditures on our defence companies. Billionaires boomed!

But Reagan was a hard man to replace. We went a decade without a true champion. Then we found George W. George is more than the perfect puppet Reagan was; he's truly one of us. We don't have to convince him of the benefits of helping out the rich and powerful - he's known them all his life. Billionaires bought him the education his brains couldn't — Andover, Yale, Harvard — then bailed out his failed business ventures, and paid his way into politics. As a result, George is as dedicated to realising our vision for America as we are! But like Reagan, he's got a common touch. Democracy, baby — play the game!

George has done a fantastic job so far. And he's set things up nicely for the long-term, carefully appointing Billionaire-friendly judges to the bench, redrawing congressional district boundaries to favor our boys the Republicans, and even letting our companies count the votes at election time! In fact, we think we're only one Presidency away from winning our long battle to ensure that America will always be a place where corporations come first, where no billionaire is left behind, where social services are a freak of history. In the end, the public is convinced that this is the best way to run the country, because we own the ideas, we own the media, and best of all, we own the politicians!

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