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Get on the Limo! Tour Details

The tour kicks-off on July 28 in Boston at the Democratic National Convention. For four weeks we'll take to the road in our luxe limo and recruit new Billionaires.

Along side our new Billionaire brethren, we will stage thank you rallies in critical battleground states, including Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Missouri, Arkansas and Tennessee. Click here for the tour’s route and schedule.

We've expanded our field operations to more than fifty chapters nationwide and we'll use the tour to triple our local Billionaire chapters. We'll be giving our current Billionaire brethren the latest training and tools to stage our well-proven media-capturing street actions, pummeling regional swing state media with non-stop print and broadcast coverage.

We'll also bring our fabulous Bling Bling K'Ching Singers to perform tribute songs to George Bush from our two brand new CDs.

Our last stop will be New York City, where we’ll greet President Bush and the Republican National Convention with a massive outpouring of love at our Million Billionaire March on August 29.

Tour Schedule

We’d absolutely love it if you greeted us on our little holiday through a swing state near you. If you can make it, please drop a line to Iona Bigga Yacht. If you can only send your regards, please do it with cash.

As we sit here sipping champagne in the moonlight, our people are working out the details. Our tentative travel schedule is as follows:

     Jul 28: Boston — Kick-off at the Democratic National Convention

Northern Pennsylvania
     Jul 30–Aug 2: Pittsburgh
     Jul 31: Ponoco's Raceway

Northern Ohio
     Aug 4-7: Cleveland
     Aug 8-9 Toledo

     Aug 10-11: Ann Arbor

     Aug 12-13: Oshkosh/Sheboygan
     Aug 14-15: Madison

     Aug 16-17: Minneapolis

     Aug 18-19: Des Moines

     Aug 19-21: St. Louis

     Aug 22-23: Memphis

Southern Ohio
     Aug 24–25: Cincinnati
     Aug 26: Dayton
     Aug 27-28: Columbus

New York
     Aug 29: New York City — Million Billionaire March & Heroes' Welcome at the
     Republican National Convention

Help us keep the gas tank full! Thanks to your generous donations, we've raised enough money to launch our limo tour on July 27 at the DNC. But we still need to raise thousands of dollars to make it through the month-long tour and arrive at the RNC in style.

See you soon in a swing state near you!



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