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Billionaires For Unlimited Inheritance

Billionaires For Unlimited Inheritance

Announce New Campaign
to Repeal the Estate Death Tax

The Billionaires are teaming up with the Center for the Preservation of Dynastic Wealth, a coalition of decadent heiresses, globe trotting playboys and their trust fund kids to repeal the most progressive tax in America.

Get the facts

then download our Press Release and our latest flyer and other campaign materials here.

$ The "Paris Hilton Tax" Discriminates against the Über-Rich

This tax is an un- American abomination that affects only us, the extreme wealthy few.* As if a slow, comfortable death with all that privatized healthcare has to offer isn't bad enough, the gall to then be taxed after we expire and have a portion of our formidable assets siphoned off for the public good.

$ Why Emerge from our Mansions Now?

Our board of directors, an exclusive cadre of 18 of America's wealthiest families like the Wal-Mart and Gallo heirs have spent millions to fund a twenty-year lobbying campaign to repeal the Estate Tax.** Repeal was imminent until the unpatriotic 2006 elections.

What's at Stake:

The heirs and heiresses of the Gallo, Mars, and Wal-Mart fortunes, and the rest of the 18 super-wealthy families who have funded the repeal "movement" for the last decade, stand to save $71.6 billion if the repeal campaign succeeds.

$ Jeeves, Warm Up The Limo:

Here's the plan: Billionaires For Unlimited Inheritance will be staging yacht club soirées and s ilver spoon-a-thons to support those pro-repeal Senators who are vulnerable in 2008. We'll be going directly into their districts in
Maine, Minnesota, Oregon, Colorado and right here in Washington D.C. Join us!

Who's Looking Out for us:

MN: Sen. Norm Coleman (R)
CO: Rep. John T. Salazar (D - 3rd District)
(We'll be sure to stop by his brother, Sen Ken Salazar (D-CO) and offer our love, as well.)
OR: Sen. Gordon Smith (R)
NH: John Sununu (R) Maine: Susan Collins (R)

Need more reasons to support repeal? Click to enlarge this handy graph.

Take it with you: Download and print this graph here.

Get Informed:

United For a Fair Economy
The Coalition For America's Priorities

Join our campaign: Email Monet (at) to get involved.

* In 2005, almost three-quarters of all estate taxes were paid by the 3,600 richest Americans: those with estates larger than $5 million. In other words, us.
** See



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