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Education is Not for Everyone!

Sick and tired of middle-class freeloaders earning college degrees with public funding? Fed up with the children of janitors competing with our blueblooded babies in the classroom? Join Billionaires for Bush and our pampered sons and daughters around the country to celebrate all President Bush has done to transform education from a public “right” into the exclusive privilege of the elite!

Education is Not for Everyone Day
B4B National Day of Action
Monday, September 20, 2004

On September 20, we will hold campus tea parties, ceremonially privatize public schools, and recruit low-wage workers from high schools and colleges. We will scoff at John Kerry’s proposed reductions in tuition and adequate funding for public education, which he plans to fund by repealing part of Bush's Billionaire tax cut. We will show America what Bush has known for a long time: education is not for everyone.

We're defending:

$ George Bush’s under-funding, by $27 billion, of his own education reform plan
$ Tuition increases under George Bush, of 14% last year alone, that make college inaccessible to half the country’s high school graduates
$ Bush’s 40% cuts to afterschool programs that leave 500,000 children without afterschool enrichment
$ Bush’s cuts to Pell Grant funding, despite promises to expand the program
$ Bush’s loophole allowing banks to profiteer on student loans, with a government guarantee of an above-market rate that delivers $12 million of tax payer money to billionaires rather than students

John Kerry wants to take away all these billionaire windfalls and attempt to make quality education accessible to the unwashed middle class! He’s proposing policies like:

$ rolling back the tax cuts from the top 3%—that is, the billionaires—in order to fund public schools and make college affordable for everyone
$ letting students work in public service for 2 years in exchange for tuition relief
$ forcing banks to offer student loans only at the market rate, redirecting that $12 million to tuition relief

Yet again, Kerry wants to throw good money at bad people!

Interested in participating? Contact our National Campus Coordinator, Mona Polist, at

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Chants & Slogans

Drop out!

Larger Classes, Lower Standards!

Out of the Classroom, Into the Sweatshop!

Ignore the Rest, Teach to the Test!

Whose Univerity? Our University!
Whose Ivory Tower? Our Ivory Tower!

Whose private schools? Our private schools!
Whose public schools? What public schools!

Less Books, More Bombs!

Education is Not for Everyone

Public Education: Why throw good money at bad people?

Public Schools: Free Until November 3



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