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I. Becoming a Billionaire

To become a Billionaire, we ask only that you follow the simple instructions below on how to choose a name, dress the part, and adopt a Billionaire persona. Once you have completed these preliminaries, you and other like-minded Billionaires are ready to form your own local chapter of Billionaires for Bush.

Choosing a Name

As a billionaire, you must make a good name for yourself (or at least borrow one from your parents). Here are some famous Billionaire names from around the country:

Alotta Cash
Anita Subsidy
Ava Rice
Barbara Kruger-Rand
Bill Fold
Bill M. Moore
Billie O'Nair
Bjorn Ritch
Cassius King
Cindy Cat
Claire Channel
D. Forestation
Dee Regulation
Dick Tator
Doll R.
Erna Bigcheque
Frida Market
Gimmi Moore
Goldie Sachs
Hallie Burton / Hal E. Burton
Howe Rich Aryieux
Ike Horner de Marquette
I. M. Loaded
Ilene Far-Wright
Ima Weltier
Iona Bigga Yacht
Iona Lott
Iona Senator
Ivan S. Tate
Ivana Censorhugh
Joe Billionaire
Joe Highness
John Dough
K. Ching
Leah Jet
Les A. Faire
Liv B. Hind-Gates
Livina Mansion
Lord Amplecapital
Lotta Mula
Lotta Stock
Lou Pole
Lucinda Regulations
Luke Rahtive
Mary A. Richman
Mary Ritch
Meg A. Bux
Millie O'Nair
Miss Aisles
Miya Cash
Mona Terri Gaines
Mona Polist
Monty Moneybucks
N. Heritance
N. Ron Graft
N. V. Mee
Olive Oilfields
Ollie Garky
Olya DiNero
Owen Dwight Howse
Pam Perd
Phil T. Rich
Phil T. Lucre
Philip Mepockitz
Pluto Cratt
Private Ties
Richard Enyou
Reed Dickless Lee Rich III
Robert Baron
Robin U. Blind
Rollin N. Gravy
Seymour Benjamins
Scott A. Fullpocket
Sir Plus Value, Knight of the British Empire
Sue Ann Winn
Swellington Von Rulingclassford
Warren Proffitt
William (Willy) B. Uppercrust
Xena Phobe
Z. Roe Compassion

If you have an enviable name that is not on the list above, email to let us know!

Suitable Attire

Appearances are everything. Formal dress is required.

In order to be a billionaire, it is not merely important to sport the right attitude, but to sport the right suit as well. We really must insist that you dress the part — we do have an image to uphold. It has occasionally come to our attention that some Billionaires have tried to gather in casual garb, and to those deviant individualists, we have only this to say: Formal is Normal.

We know that there is a great wealth of diversity among the extremely rich — and therefore among our fashion choices as well. Billionaires come in all colors, shapes and sizes. We have old money and oil money and dot-com money and money at work and money on vacation and daytime money and evening money.

But as important as it is to honor the diversity of our ranks, it is even more important to preserve the traditional image of the Billionaire in America.

Visual unity is very important to us. Remember, it takes conformity, not individuality, to become a Billionaire for Bush.

So don your black suits and evening gowns, and hit the streets!

For men, suit-able attire includes:
black tux or suit
white shirt
money tie
bowler hat
white gloves
For women:
fancy scarf
opera gloves
cigarette holder

You may also come with your full entourage. Servants, footmen, butlers, limos, red carpets, etc. are all welcome.


Billionaires who simply must stand out, even amidst the enormously affluent, may find the following fashion ideas appealing:

Bratty Equestrian
equestrian-type hat
jodpuhrs (equestrian pants) or leggings
fancy high boots
riding crop
flashy jewelry
stuffed pony

Billionaire Record Executive
fancy suit or super-expensive jogging outfit
flashy jewelry
cell phone permanently attached to ear
blackberry device or pda
eye candy girfriend/boyfriend
briefcase full of record contracts that screw the artist

A Columbian Cartel Boss
slinky slithery pants
silky shirt
see-through socks
endangered-animal skin shoes
gold chains
chunky shades
jewelry with tiny spoons

Rock Star or Rapper
leather pants
engineer boots
shiny shirt
fur coat
diamond earrings
gold money pendant

Deposed European Royalty
fluffy shirt with cuffs
shiny brocaded smoking jacket
velvet pants
jewelled slippers

Hunting Lodger
hunting boots
solid-colored thick wool pants
nubby earth-toned sweater
plaid jackets with the rifle-shot protector shoulder pad
hunting cap

Your Persona & Portfolio

As Billionaires, our names evoke fabulous fortunes and we dress like a billion bucks. But there's a story behind every fortune, and communicating it well will better enable you to effectively manipulate the hearts and minds of the American public. Just take a peek at the biographies of a few of our top officers — who wouldn't be moved?

Phil T. Rich
Chief Executive Officer and Schmoozer-In-Chief, B4B

Phil was born a poor Mexican, but like those who feel as though they were born in the wrong body and long for a sex-change operation, Phil always new the maternity nurse had mixed up the socio-economic strata at birth. Not one to pout, however, he quickly set about to reclaim his lost heritage. A cleverly faked ID got him into Andover, identity theft landed him at Yale and then Princeton. After being tapped for the secret Skull and Bones secret society (psst, it's a secret), and apprenticing to both Karl Rove and Kenneth Lay, he quickly rose up through the ranks of hard-right Republican organs of power and America's most dynamic corporations. His resume — Special Attache for Accounting at Enron, Executive Secretary of the Project for a New American Century, trusted Note Taker of Vice-President Cheney's Energy Committee, and, of course, Co-Chair of Billionaires for Bush — reads like a cocktail of forward thinking governance. Phil's main goal in life is now Full Spectrum Dominance over American politics. His varied interests include Money, Wealth, Lucre, Cash, and Money. He is also a board member of Halliburton.

Seymour Benjamins
Chief Operating Officer and Webmaster, B4B

Seymour Benjamins was born on January 20, 1981 — the date of Ronald Reagan's first inauguration, he is quick to note — in Bel Air, CA. Seymour was the only child of Manny Benjamins III, a California aerospace/defense mogul who discovered that there's even more profit to be made in cold wars than in hot ones, and Mary A. Mogul II, a descendant of Austrian royalty. The young Benjamins graduated from Philips Exeter Academy in 1999 and earned a master's degree in Economics from Harvard in 2003. During his junior year in college, Benjamins' father died abruptly, leaving him a fortune estimated at $1.7 billion, whereupon he instantly became the most powerful 21-year old in America. Since graduating, Benjamins has invested billions in defense, natural gas, and pharmaceuticals, as well as key elected officials. He briefly worked on the Terrorism Futures Market under John M. Poindexter at the Pentagon's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). In addition to sitting on Halliburton's board, Benjamins holds positions at DynCorp, Goldman Sachs, Kissinger & Associates, and the American Enterprise Institute. He is a sailing enthusiast and frequents the New York Yacht Club.



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