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Invitation & Introduction

Congratulations! You have demonstrated remarkably good taste and judgment by deciding to read this manual. Billionaires could use more sensible people like you, to help us counterbalance the over-wrought concerns that are spoon-fed to voters about tax fairness, clean elections, global justice, and environmental protection. Intelligent Billionaires recognize that attacks on President Bush aim to deprive us of our comfortable lifestyles and undo the structures that enable the accumulation of our enormous wealth. Americans of Means who benefit most from the Bush Administration would do well to join Billionaires for Bush, and help us protect our healthy financial returns on that most lucrative investment opportunity: the Presidency.

First of all, please remember that Billionaires for Bush is an exclusive club. After all these years of tightly controlling the Presidency, we have serious concerns about our decision to recruit more Billionaires to join our ranks. However our natural instinct for preservation of the species (more and more wealth is being concentrated in the hands of fewer and fewer people!) won out over our cultural elitism, and we have decided that as long as you stand for what we stand for, then we welcome you to consider yourself a Billionaire, a mogul among moguls.

As the November 2, 2004, general election approaches, it is our hope that Billionaires everywhere will stand behind President Bush, and publicly declare their commitment, as Billionaires, to his re-election. We must step outside the boardrooms, health spas, and offshore " tax havens" and start talking with the public. We envision Billionaires for Bush (B4B) chapters springing up around the country. Presidential campaign visits will be met with enthusiastic crowds of Billionaires for Bush. Billionaires from Dayton to Detroit, and Tallahassee to Tulsa, will flock together to demonstrate gratitude for everything our Commander in Chief has done for the ruling class.

We do hope you will become a Billionaire for Bush.

If you have any questions, please contact

Campaign Overview

Seriously though... What is Billionaires for Bush?

Billionaires for Bush is a strategic media and street theater campaign whose combustible mix of humor, savvy messaging, grassroots participation, and cutting edge internet organizing tools will flush out the truth about our government's disastrous economic policies and help turn the fatcats out of power in November.

Economic justice arguments tend to get dismissed as "class warfare," but the Billionaires — by impersonating the super-wealthy in a boosterish, over-the-top manner, and cheering on George Bush and his economic policies — are able to paint the President as a friend of the wealthy with surprising effectiveness. It's a back door that allows class issues to be aired in surprisingly sharp terms.

After all, if you were a billionaire looking after your own self-interest, you'd be behind George Bush 100 percent. Bush's policies have been a boon for billionaires, and a disaster for the average American. In the last three years, 3 million jobs have been lost, tax cuts for millionaires have mortgaged the futures of America's children, Enron and other corporate scandals have bankrupted many workers' pensions, and the rebuilding of Iraq has been used to channel over $20 billion in taxpayer dollars to companies like Halliburton.

Meanwhile, corporations and wealthy individuals continue to wield an enormous degree of influence via campaign contributions and lobbying operations. Bush's war chest is expected to rise above $200 million in this election cycle.

In spite of this, Bush's media team has managed to construct him as a folksy everyday guy whose tax cuts are good for all Americans. It is this image that the Billionaires campaign is aiming to upend.

And we're off to a strong start. But we need your help.

Please join the campaign, by lending your voice, your talent, your energy, your support. Thank you.


If you find this manual helpful, or if you want to help Billionaires for Bush reach more voters, please consider making a secure donation through our web site at Or mail us a check at:

Billionaires for Bush
161 Prospect Park West, Suite 3R
Brooklyn, NY 11215

The Fine Print

In 2003, Billionaires for Bush incorporated as Billionaires, Inc., a non-profit, non-partisan corporation, organized under Section 527 of the I.R.S. tax code. Contributions to Billionaires, Inc. (or to "Billionaires for Bush") are not tax-deductible as charitable contributions and are part of the public record. There is no limit on the amount an individual can contribute to Billionaires, Inc. Billionaires, Inc. will not accept contributions from candidates or candidate committees.

Creation of this Do It Yourself Manual is paid for by Billionaires, Inc., and is not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.

By participating in the Billionaires for Bush campaign, you are challenging President Bush's administration and exposing its failed policies. However, in your capacity as a Billionaire you should not (except in jest) be supporting any candidate; nor (except in jest) be advocating or dissuading voters from voting for or against any candidate. These are the legal requirements of the 527. Everything else is fair game!



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