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Celebrate Cheap Labor Day!

A National Day to Commemorate George W. Bush’s
Commitment to Underpaying the Overworked American
Monday, September 6th, 2004

On September 6th, Billionaires for Bush chapters around the nation will join the annual tribute to the working American by applauding the contributions that Bush’s economic policies have made to the low cost, inexpensiveness, and general cheapness of cheap labor.

George W. Bush has proven time and time again that he is indeed the best friend Big Business could ever have. Among his gifts to our corporations:

$ cutting overtime pay for 6,000,000 workers
$ supporting trade laws and tax breaks that assist the movement of jobs overseas, where labor is cheaper and less regulated
$ 1.8 million fewer private-sector jobs since his presidency began (i.e. 1.8 million fewer paychecks for us to sign)
$ successfully blocking attempts to pass legislation to raise the minimum wage
$ overturning workplace protections and weakening job safety programs

But we Billionaires can’t let the Bush administration stop there! We will use our National Cheap Labor Day celebration to call for further action to keep our profits healthy…

What do we want? CHEAP LABOR!
When do we want it? NOW!

Now is the time to prepare for your local celebration!

Action Elements

a) heckle your local Labor Day parade (show your opposition to the unions and labor groups who love to attack our profit margins)

b) join the local Labor Day parade (show your appreciation of the American worker… at least the cheap ones)

c) throw a Cheap Labor Day Celebration/Rally at your local park or city center (include events like “Lower the Minimum Wage Bar Limbo Contest”

d) host a Cheap Labor Job Fair (include job applications for low-paying, no-benefits jobs in “exotic” locations)

Basic Elements of your Cheap Labor Day Celebration:

Distribute fliers to passers-by. If media is present, Billionaires spokesperson gives short speech in appreciation of the Bush administration keeping labor cheap and profits high. Fellow Billionaires stand by supportively and cheer at appropriate moments.

Materials (to be posted soon):
- Job Application
- Signs
- Talking Points
- Press Release


What's outrageous? Living wages!
What's disgusting? Trust-busting!

No Minimum Wage! No Minimum Age!

1-2-3-4 We don't care about the poor
5-6-7-8 Don't you dare tax my estate

Welfare for the wealthy!
Keep our profits healthy!

What do we want? Prison labor!
How do we want it? CHEAP!
What do we want? Sweatshop labor!
How do we want it? CHEAP!

Hey hey! Ho ho!
The minimum wage has got to go!

More Information about Bush’s Cheap Labor Policies:

Also, you might want to start thinking about our next National Day of Action on September 19th, Education is a Privilege Day. For more information about upcoming events and actions, visit our events page.



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