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RNC Extravaganza
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Other Appearances

Other Billionaire Appearances

Besides our own events, we'll be speaking, singing, and schmoozing at many other events during RNC week.

Sat, Aug 28- 9pm: Sleeping with the Enemy- Drinking liberally with Young Republicans. Billionaires will drink more than their fare share. The Tank, 432 West 42nd Street, between 9th & 10th Avenues

Sat, Aug 28- 10pm-1am: Imagine Fest @ Crobar- Imagine Fest closing night party. Billionaires will sing, speak, and have a stretch limo tailgate outside. Crobar, 530 West 28th street, between 10th & 11th Avenues

Sun, Aug 29- 9pm: Music of Protest- Billionaire follies will take over. Parkside Lounge

Sun, Aug 29- 10pm: The United Ball- We're all in this together, sort of, so we'll be speaking at midnight and tabling. $10 entry. At Down Time, on 30th street between 6th and 7th Avenues, three blocks from the Garden right outside the perimeter fence

Mon, Aug 30- 7pm: Dubya and the Gang of Seven- A concert reading with music by our own Master of Musical Manipulation, Felonius Ax (aka Cliff Tasner). 50% of proceeds will go to Billionaires for Bush. Theater for the New City, 155 First Avenue. between 9th and 10th. Reservations and info: 212-330-7623

Mon, Aug 30- 11pm: John Kerry-oke- Winning back our country, one sloppily-sung cover tune at a time. The Tank, 432 West 42nd Street between 9th & 10th Avenues

Tues, Aug 31- 7pm: Unconventional Convention- Billionaire Follies will take over. The Frying Pan, Pier 63, in Chelsea

Tues, Aug 31- 7:30pm: Peel Back the GOP Mask- In the spirit of the GOP masquerade coming to Madison Square Garden, we're having a grand ole party. Come join the DL21C, the Democratic National Committee and the New York Democrats as we peel back the mask. Social Club, 14 East 27th Street at Madison Avenue. RSVP required at masquerade_ball@hotmail.com. Admission is free. Please bring an in-kind donation of food, clothing, toiletries or a book to benefit local charities.




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