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Billionaires For Bush Welcomed at Securities Industry Association Capital Markets Conference in New York City

Press Release and Photo

Make Social Security Neither!

The Social Security fund is running a surplus, and will continue to do so for decades. Billionaires for Bush ask: where's our cut? Sure, ordinary Americans have been paying into the system all their working lives; but why should they collect the income that's been set aside for them while Wall Street brokerage firms get nothing? Who will defend fund managers from greedy retirees, orphans and disabled workers? George Bush will, and so will we. We toast the president's plan to move taxpayers' money from Main Street to Wall Street by privatizing Social Security.

Action Locations

Boston 3/5 leafletting/street theater
Contact: Ivana Mooreenmoore (Jill Kolva) at 781 891-9028 or

Detroit 3/5 Greektown Casino
Contact: Betsy deBoss (Joellen Gilchrist) at 248 258 5787 or

Eugene 3/5 Public Interest Environmental Law Conference Contact: Millie O^“Nair (Erin Ely) at 541 338 9010 or

New York 3/5 Auction Social Security @ Wall St. Bull, 1pm
Contact: Lucinda Regulations at 917-557-0724 or

Philadelphia 3/11 Counter-protest funeral march for social security

If you'd like to recommend new slogans, chants, signs or talking points, please send them to Let us know what works (and what doesn't). Some of our best materials come from you.

This page will be updated, so please return prior to each action for the best and latest Billionaire materials on Social Security.

Click here for photos of the Inaugural Auction of Social Security:

Social Security Flyer

Action Scenarios

A. Billionaires Auction Social Security. Read script.

B. Rally to Eliminate Social Security. Use talking points below and optional speech. Distribute leaflets (forthcoming) to passers-by.

Any public area with a lot of pedestrian traffic.


1-2-3-4, We'll Make Money, You'll Get Poor!
5-6-7-8, You'll Feel Bad but We'll Feel Great!

1-2-3-4, We make profit, Youíll get poor!
5-6-7-8, Weíll just loot it from the state!

More for brokers, less for you
We'll say one plus three is two!

Markets donít ever crash, just give us all your cash!


Take from Main Street! Give to Wall Street!
The REAL Social Security Crisis: We aren't getting our cut!
If It Ain't Broke ... Make It Broke!
What Senior Citizen DOESN'T Like Gambling?
Don't Pay Seniors. Pay Brokers!
Mortgage Your Children's Tomorrow... Today!
We are the Ownership Society
Make Social Security Neither!


Pay Brokers, Not Seniors!
Social Security: Make it Neither!
The Real Crisis: We aren't getting our cut!
Taxpayer Risk = Wall Street Profits

In Character Talking Points

  • We are here to thank the president for his efforts to take the taxpayers' money and put it on the brokersí pockets. Take from Main Street, give to Wall Street! Huzzah!
  • We were astonished to learn that the Social Security fund is running a surplus, and will continue to do so for decades. Well, not anymore!
    Right now, money from the Social Security fund goes DIRECTLY to widows, orphans, the disabled, and the retired workers who paid into the system for decades. But what about Wall Street -- shouldn't we get our cut?
  • The Real Crisis: Thereís money to be made and itís trapped in Social Security!
  • FDR offered a New Deal; we offer you a Raw Deal.
  • We believe in Retirement Darwinism: Survival of the richest!
  • Americaís Social Security Trust Fund, our next hostile takeover.
  • Right now, money from the Social Security fund goes directly to widows, orphans, the disabled, and, of course, the retired workers who paid into the system for decades. But what about Wall Street?
  • Those who receive Social Security checks spend most of their money on ordinary items such as food and housing. Bo-ring! Letís put money in the hands of those who really know how to spend it Ė Wall Street brokers!
  • The recently revealed scandals in the finance industry were mere blips on the radar that is our economy Ė just because scandals are exposed on a regular basis doesn't mean that they'll happen again. I mean, do you see Ken Lay in prison? Why donít people trust CEOs with their money?
  • Didn't President Bush say that Social Security is like an iceberg? We think of W as the captain of our Titanic. Sure, the boat might sink. But here in first class, we know we'll be rescued. Who cares about the people in steerage?
  • Personal Social Security Accounts, putting the RISK where it belongs, squarely on the backs of the taxpayer. Putting the CASH squarely where it belongs, in our pockets.

Out of Character Talking Points
  • The Social Security fund now has a surplus, not a deficit. (If only the rest of the federal government could say that.)
  • According to the Congressional Budget Office, a privatization plan Bush submitted would REDUCE the average annual return for retirees from 6 percent to 4.9 percent (New York Times Magazine, 1/16/05).
  • The Social Security Administration has used taxpayer dollars to give seniors false information about the Social Security fund. When on hold, seniors calling the SSA's (800) number hear a recording that grossly understates the length of time the fund will remain intact (Senator Frank Lautenberg press release, 12/22/04,
  • ďIf it ainít broke, make it brokeĒ is a dangerous fiscal policy to pursue. Donít be fooled, looting disguised as reform is still looting.
  • Thousands of Enron employees lost their life savings when Enron tanked, but at least they had Social Security to count on. Now, that's in danger too.

Learn More!

Find out what our enemies are saying here:

Dollars & Sense Magazine
Economic Policy Institute (EPI)
Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR)



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