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April 25, 2006 Dynasty Tax Protest

Billionaires for Bush (B4B), advocates for the very, very wealthy, charged into a press conference and defended lobbying efforts by America's wealthiest families. Using charts and rhetoric, the Billionaires demonstrated why the estate tax was unfair to people who have never worked in their lives. The Billionaires were out in force to protest a damning report by Public Citizen and United For a Fair Economy entitled "Spending Millions to Save Billions: The Campaign of the Super Wealthy to Kill the Estate Tax." The report documents how America's wealthiest families and their corporations are spending millions to lobbyists and campaign funds in order to repeal the Dynasty Tax.

Why can't we take it with us? What better incentive for hard work is there then inheriting? Why did our founding fathers come here, if it wasn't to establish a place where a few families could inherit everything?

Click these links for the Press Release, The Chants, and the Posters. Media Coverage here.

R. Owen Laws unleashes the Billionaires on unsuspecting Public Citizen do-gooders. Iva Fortune, Anita Nutther Taxcutte, Ollie Garch, and Cap Gaines stride in

The assembled billionaires testify about the Estate Tax, that is the Dynasty Tax.

Holden Alda Cash finally found one family farm that was threatened by the Estate Tax.

Anita Nuther Taxcutte and Ollie Garch

R. Owen Laws, Cap Gaines, and Nick O. Teenlegacie

Ivan Tital explains the benefits of lobbying for repealing the Estate tax.

Wait, 1226% and 1386%? Those figures can't possibly be right.

Yes, the Koch and Mars families will be far happier earning 122,600% and 138,600% profits on their lobbying monies. The Mars family pays over $8 million in lobbying and stands to gain over $11 billion. Even amortized over 5 or 10 years, legislation is a great investment!


Media Coverage

$ NPR audio story


  • Tax Work, Not Wealth!
  • Our Kids Chill!   Yours Pay the Bill!
  • No Justice, No Problem!
  • What Do We Want? Daddy's Money! How Do We Want It? Tax Free!
  • Mansions, Yachts, Big Vacations!
    No more charities and foundations!
  • Let Workers Pay the Tax,
    So Investors Can Relax!
  • C'mon, tax YOUR pay,
    so OUR dynasty won't go away!


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