Billionaires for Bush
We Celebrated Our President's Re-Appointment!

The District of Columbia paid $17 million dollars (under duress) for the privilege of hosting out-of-town wealthy people for a few days. A bargain! They would have just wasted the money on Homeland Security anyway.

The Billionaires for Bush always enjoy a good time on someone else's dime, and therefore we had a lot of events celebrating the second coronation of our candidate, George the Second.

Thursday, January 20th, 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

During the inaugural at 10:30 A.M. at the FDR Memorial, we auctioned off Social Security and the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Details about the event are available here.

Thursday, January 20th, 8:30 PM until 2 AM

The Billionaires Re-Coronation Inaugural Ball was the social event of the season. Performances by the lounge swing band the Bobwhites, the Billionaires Follies, and afro-funk band Chopteeth! There will also be a VIP reception at 7:30.

Friday, January 21st, Afternoon and Saturday, January 22nd

The Billionaires for Bush Convergence 2005! Billionaires from our 100 chapters were in DC For details click here.

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Billionaires for Bush is recruiting in D.C. and other urban areas. If you want to dress elegantly and spread our message in actions and rallies, we want to hear from you!

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