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Tax Day Talking Points

One liners:
  • Thank you, America, for paying our taxes!
  • Why not cut out the IRS middleman? Send your checks directly to your local billionaire (or corporation)!
  • We love George's tax cuts! Sustaining America's debt for our future generations to enjoy!
  • Tax cuts create jobs… honest!
  • George Bush's tax cuts… helping us slash unprofitable social services one program at a time!
  • Listen up, America. You too can receive a one-time check worth $654, officially signed and stamped by the government …all for the small asking price of social security, health care, and public education. Now, that's a deal!
  • We love George's tax cuts! They help put the "loot" back in plutocracy!
  • Without George Bush's tax cuts, I never would have been able to buy that third luxury chalet in the Hamptons [or other extremely lavish item]!
  • George Bush's tax cuts are efficient! Inequality was simply not growing fast enough.
  • Thanks kids! Knowing that you will be there to clean up our mess helps me enjoy my $100,000 tax break with a clear conscience.
  • George Bush is always looking out for our kids. A $500 billion deficit will ensure that our future generations will truly understand the value of hard work.
  • George Bush is a president who protects minority rights. By taxing work, not wealth, it shows that he's truly looking out for the top 1%.

More detailed talking points:
  • We love George's tax cuts. They gave $50,000+ to everyone making over $1 million and just $350 each to 80% of America's families! By 2010, they will increase to $85,000 for the richest among us, and disappear for some of the commoners.
  • When it comes to serving the elite, George Bush is a man of his word. Over the next 10 years, the richest 1% of Americans will get a $500,000 care package from OUR president, for a total of $1.1 trillion! And that's just to individuals; it doesn't include what he's giving to our corporations.
  • If you want to know what George's tax cuts can do, just ask Dick Cheney. The Vice President received a $104,000 tax cut. And you can too, as long as you're among the wealthiest 1% of this country!
  • Thanks, America! You have shown that you're willing to pay higher public university tuitions, higher state and property taxes, and higher health care costs in exchange for a one-time $654 check! Your loyalty and trust in George Bush has helped us wealthiest 1% enjoy our billions in tax breaks with a clear conscience. Huzzah!



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