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Sample Questions for Speakers

Estate Tax
"First, I want to commend you on voting to repeal the estate tax. As a multi-millionaire, and one of the very very few Americans who will benefit from it's repeal, I want to thank you personally. My question is this: How did you do it? How did you convince the American people that it was in their interest to repeal this tax when it so clearly isn't? Basically, repealling the estate tax takes $1 trillion dollars of government revenue over the next 20 years, and gives it to us, the richest 2% of the population. Don't get me wrong, I think it's absolutely fabulous, but it's clearly a tough sell, since very few taxpayers benefit, and it results in so much lost revenue that undoubtedly will result in higher taxes for other Americans. How did you do it?"

Elite Privilege, Dodging Draft
"Mr. Speaker, I'm a patriotic American, and I support the President wholeheartedly. And even if all the rumors are true-that President Bush was a Vietnam War Draft Dodger, that he went AWOL from the Texas Air National Guard in 1972, that his father intervened on his behalf, and all that — I still support the President. After all, I'm a rich kid, and I know that folks like us don't belong on the battlefield in harm's way. But what about the rest of Americans who think that everyone should share the burdens of expanding our empire across the world? In your experience, what's the best way to explain it to them?"

Shortchanging the Troops
"Mr. Speaker, I'm a patriotic American, and I support the President wholeheartedly. The genius of George Bush is that even in a time of sacrifice and war and national peril, we can also have massive tax cuts. Most of that money is going to go to wealthy folks like me and my dad, but we're going to buy a lot of yatchs and stretch humvees to help the economy, so it's alright. But here's my concern. The President has cut combat pay in half, pushed 164,000 veterans off of health care, and cut military housing by $1.5 billion, so I'm wondering how long we'll have to wait to get more tax breaks? Seriously, where's that money going if not to billionaires like us?"

Privatising Social Security
"Mr. Speaker, first want to thank you for all you've done to bring economic relief to folks like me with nine-figure salaries. Only a few years ago we were straddled with all sorts of taxes, which went to pay for education and heathcare for poor people instead of conqering oil-producing nations. Only a few years ago the law forbade us to pass down our full fortunes to our children. We had to live with the shame that they would enter the world as mere multi-millionaires instead of billionaires like us. The President and the Republicans in congress have done an admiral job addressing our concerns on these and other matters. But I'm afraid something got lost in the mix, and that's privatizing social security. Wall street investment banks, including mine, have been getting slammed with billions in fines for helping companies like Enron and Global Crossing cheat their sharholders and employees. So right now we could really use that huge windfall that you promised us when the huge social security trust fund gets thrown into the stock market. So tell me, when do you plan to make good on this promise?"



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