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RNC Extravaganza
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Billionaire Flashmobbing Schedule

Join Billionaires for Bush for a day of flashmobbing this Tuesday, Aug
31, during the Republican National Convention

Ruly bands of Billionaires will roam the streets of New York, stopping
for three-martini lunches, spontaneous outbursts of ballroom dancing
and en-masse shining of shoes

The best times to join up :

  • 9am (NOT 9:15am) at 140 Broadway (at the “red cube” near Wall St)
  • 11am at Bryant Park
    (+ or 12 noon at the Public Library)

    If you want to meet at another time (say 4pm-ish for spontaneous
    ballroom dancing in public spaces), please call Sir Upticious
    Militaryspending at 917/664-7741 or lureynol@tcdie or the hotline at

    Here’s the full adventure :

    9:30 AM: Wall Street—Ringing of the Stock Exchange Bell
    At 9:30, after we have delivered our information to our brokers for
    the pre-requisite insider trading, we will ring the bell to open the
    Stock Exchange so that the rest of the traders can begin their day
    (Please show up at 9am at 140 Broadway (at the “red cube”) to get
    acquainted and properly accessorized first)

    11:00 AM: Bryant Park—Picnic
    We will break from our arduous daily tasks of making more money to
    meet our fellow Billionaires for a three martini lunch in Bryant Park

    12:00 PM: New York Public Library, 5th Avenue—Privatization Ceremony
    After a long series of Deals with the City of New York, the
    Billionaires are delighted to announce the privatization of the New
    York Public Library The ceremony will take place on the steps of the
    main branch of the New York Private (nee public) Library Memberships
    will be available, prices starting at 1,000,000,000

    12:30 PM: 5th Avenue—Window Shopping
    Billionaires will window shop along 5th Avenue

    1:00 PM: 5th Avenue—Open Time
    Following the window shopping, the Billionaires will split up into
    several groups and journey to locations throughout midtown, to better
    exposure of our statements and mission

    4:00 PM: Midtown—Balroom Dancing
    United once again after another hard day adding to our bank accounts,
    the Billionaires will meet in Midtown Manhattan to engage in public
    displays of ballroom dancing

    4:30 PM: Grand Central Station—Mass Shining of Shoes
    After dancing, a fashion conscious Billionaire must gets one’s shoes
    shined We will avail ourselves of the services offered by the lower
    class in Grand Central Station

    7:30 PM: Social Club—Masquerade Ball
    The Billionaires will crash the DNC’s masquerade ball to teach them
    the error of their ways The ball is at Social Club, which is at 14 E
    27th St at Madison Avenue





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