Whose Media? Our Media!

Check out these hilarious new radio spots from Billionaires for Bush and vote for your favorite:

Our top marketing consultants have devised radio ads for unwashed middle-class simpletons of all shapes and sizes:

$ "In Bed" might be a little too naughty for Amish country, but will sizzle in the college scene.

$ "Middle Class Nightmare" speaks to the hopes and dreams and funny bones of swing state voters.

$ Listen to them all at www.BillionairesForBush.com!

Where will they be airing? Thatís up to you. Check out the spots and click on the "Buy Air Time" button to donate to our dedicated radio ad budget. Exposure on major stations in battleground states can be had for as little as $25. (But you need to polo-pony up now! Our current legal status demands that we complete all our media buys by Sept 2.)

Another way you can help: call up your local community or college radio station and direct them to our radio page.

Anyone can download high-quality, ready-for-broadcast versions of these spots and play them for no charge.

Finally, FORWARD this note along! Some of our upperclass friends are still hiding behind boardroom doors and tinted Humvee windows, needlessly circumspect about our wise investments in Bush's administration. As Thurston Howell III says in our "Return to Riches" spot, "Itís the best time ever to be a Billionaire in America!"


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