Boston Billionaires March Over Democrats

Thanks to a stunning display of force outside the Democratic National Convention last week, Billionaires for Bush is poised to make waves across America in the month of August.

On Tuesday, July 28, 150 billionaires courageously marched through the streets of Boston, captivating the media, dodging the filthy commoners, and exposing John Kerry's insidious democratic values which threaten our enormous power and wealth. Police and paramilitaries obediently escorted us from Rowes Wharf to the Massachusetts Republican Party offices, where we cheered a speech by our beloved Phil T. Rich, wept through a sermon by the Reverend Dr. Cassius King, and presented George W. Bush with a check for "Whatever it takes" to ensure another four years of putting profits over people.

The next morning we launched our "Get on the Limo" tour before a throng of photographers, and even managed to run over some of the Boston rabble on our way out of town. Over the next month, the fearless Billionaires on board the limo will chronicle their adventures and exploits for all of us to follow.

View photos of Billionaires throughout the week of the DNC!

As is the case with everything we do, by the end of the week we'd managed to capture far more than our share of the corporate media pie, sending our message of privilege and power to voters across America. While Kerry and Edwards were busy pandering to the special interests of everyday Americans, we showed the world that George W. Bush knows his base: the haves and have-mores. As the proletarian- sympathizing Johns promised to reduce America's dependence on foreign oil, we insisted that there's no such thing as "foreign oil" — it all belongs to us! While Kerry pledged to make a first-class education available to second-class citizens, we asked Americans, "Why throw good money at bad people?"

Here is but a sampling of our DNC news coverage:

$ "Comical Politics Outside Convention"
$ Akron Beacon Journal: "They find rich source of humor"
$ Here & Now (WBUR): "Billionaires for Bush"

(Bottom photo by Antrim Caskey)

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