Billionaires to Defy the DNC

Join the Boston Million Billionaire March, July 27

As you might already know, from July 26-29 John Kerry and thousands of his proletarian-sympathizing cohorts will convene in Boston for the Democratic National Convention (DNC). There they will craft their platform for the future and articulate it to America's masses. One of our inside sources has obtained a secret copy of their platform, and it is ominous indeed. High on their agenda will be:

$ repealing Bush's tax cut for the wealthiest 1% instead of extending it
$ increasing the minimum wage instead of abolishing it and legalizing child labor
$ affordable healthcare instead of letting the free market decide who's healthy
$ funding for public education instead of no-bid contracts for Halliburton
$ denying air and water the benefits of toxic-enhancement

It couldn't be clearer: John Kerry wants nothing more than to scrap the incredible progress our nation has made over the last four years. He is a class-traitor who will return America to the grubby hands of the great unwashed middle-class masses.

Billionaires, it is our sacred duty as guardians of privilege and power to defend the Bush administration from this barbaric electoral challenge. We therefore call upon all loyal People of Wealth to defy the Democratic National Convention and converge on the streets of Boston for a Million Billionaire March on July 27. Billionaires from Beverly Hills to Grosse Pointe to Wall Street will fire champagne corks at the misguided simpletons nominating John Kerry and launch our "Get on the Limo" swing state tour.

LearJet to Boston for the March!

The Boston Million Billionaire March will take place Tuesday, July 27, at 6:30pm. We will begin at the Rowes Wharf at conclude at the Massachusetts GOP headquarters, where prominent reporters on our payroll will carefully write down our message and photograph the start of our month-long Limo Tour.

Various other events throughout the week of the DNC are currently being organized. For an updated schedule of events please visit our DNC info page.

If you plan to attend the Million Billionaire March, please RSVP by sending your name and phone number to

If you'd like to travel to Boston for the Million Billionaire March and need lodging, or if you live in the Boston area and have room for another Billionaire in your mansion, or for general inquiries, contact Seymour Benjamins.

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