"Get on the Limo" Swing State Tour!

Billionaires for Bush is an exploding social phenomenon. In the last few months, we've grown from 2 chapters to more than 50, with over 75 major media mentions.

Now we're ready to hit the open road, bringing our compelling message to crucial swing state voters who will decide this election. But before we do, we need to fill our coffers, or at least fill the limo with gas...

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Kicking-off at the DNC in Boston on July 29th we're taking our limo (yes, for real) through the crucial Midwest swing states to tell voters the good news: forget job losses, no-bid contracts and sky-rocketing healthcare costs, Dubya and Dick are the best friends Billionaires have ever had in the White House. Four more years! Four more wars!

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Help us fill the fuel tank! We’re off to a good start but need Billionaires like you to get us all the way there. Help us raise $50,000 before July 15 so we can leave on schedule.

Forward this to friends and encourage them to donate. This is the time for all billionaires to stand together.

Are you on the limo or off the limo?

Thanks for you support. We couldn’t do it without billionaires like you.


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