A new way to connect with other Billionaires!

As the wealthiest 1%, we must organize to protect our bottom line! Toward this end, we have obtained a new weapon in our portfolio, using the latest in internet technology.

Our new online meeting tool will make it easier to find Billionaires in your area and help build our organizing campaign. You can use it to host a Billionaires event so others can find you, or you can plug in your zip code to find out if an event is already planned near you. Become familiar with it, as it will greatly aid your efforts to launch new chapters and organize actions in the critical months to come.

More immediately, help inaugurate our meeting tool by registering today to host or join an action on Saturday:

A National Day of Action sponsored by Billionaires for Bush
Saturday, June 19, 2004, In Cities Nationwide

We will counter-demonstrate against uninsured Americans who are starting to organize against our bottom line. They're holding rallies nationwide on June 19 to "Bridge the Gap for Health Care". They must be stopped.

$ Find out if the public interest mongers with Americans for Health Care are crossing a bridge near you, and organize a counter-demonstration!

$ Register your event on our online meeting tool so Billionaires near you can join the action.

$ Visit our Widen the Healthcare Gap! page for additional info and resources.

For questions or help organizing an action in your area, dictate a note to Iona Bigga Yacht.


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