From Grosse Pointe to West Point

Memorial Day weekend began with a bang, darlings, as the Billionaires arrived in the Hudson Valley to honor our own Donald Rumsfeld, a former CEO and the current leader of hostile takeovers abroad. Donald was there to give the commencement address to the West Point cadets, and we were there to offer our appreciation and corporate sponsorship.

The local Rockland County Journal News covered the event but completely misunderstood us (you know how jejune they can be in the provinces) claiming that we "mocked the president by wearing expensive clothing — tuxedos, fur coats and cocktail dresses — and waved signs that read, 'Billionaire pride. We're here. We're rich. Get used to it,' '4 More Wars,' and 'Rummy: Our man at the Pentagon.' " We dress out of respect and proper breeding, something lost on Rockland's ink-stained wretches.

We also made a lovely appearance in June edition of Z Magazine ("The Assault of Laughter"). The people at Z wrote "With signs reading "Corporations are People Too" and "Leave No Billionaire Behind," the group highlights the relationship of mutual back-scratching between billionaires and Bush in a way that more shrill polemics do not." And who is better fit to scratch Georgie's back then us, his adoring and gilded fan club.

While the press dutifully recorded some of our activities, they overlooked our recent retreat into the countryside for a weekend of conspiring, union-busting workshhops, and much-needed communing with Mother Nature (she may never be the same). It was a pleasant relief from the day-to-day toil of profit-making. However, as you can see, it was difficult for some of us to suppress our entrepreneurial instincts. Trees cause pollution anyway, no?

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