Greetings from the "rock stars" of the political scene!

It's true, our own lovely Pam Perd spoke at length to a reporter from the Hartford Courant and he said that the word on the street and among the activist community is that we are "the rock stars" of activism. Rock on gilded brethren!

And rock on we did at our Massive Moneyed Spring Blingfest: the May 22 Billionaires Ball, A Spring Bling K'Ching Thing. Hundreds sashayed into the three floors of City Stage that we appropriated for our opulence. DJs, live music from our brand new album (The Billionaires Are In The House, which the great Felonius Ax was in town to promote) performed by the Billionaire Follies crew, free food, and fine drinks made for a grand old party.

From the ice sculpture pig on the ground floor to Fitty Billion and Felonius Ax singing their hearts out for our Commander In Chief on the top floor, the event drew a who's-who of the corporate elite. A rousing Huzzah! to Monet Oliver d'Place and K. Ching, who were central to making the Ball such a fabulous success, as well as all the other little Billionaires who contributed their mites. And the media came in droves, from CNN to the New York Times to our favorite, the Wall Street Journal.

Who's Media? Our media!

Speaking of media, a brief recap of our recent press coverage seems in order.

The Washington Post mentioned us in their May 17 article, "Many Hope to Disrupt Event in New York." Oddly, they seemed to think we were among the scaff and riff-raff who want to slander President Bush (they listed us right after the Trotskyites!), rather than his most loyal backers. It is so hard always being misunderstood.

The Syracuse Post-Standard reported on our delegation rallying at the New York State Republican Convention ("In Syracuse They're Protesting In High Style," May 19). "The group wore furs and ball gowns and passed a tray of wheat crackers topped with Cheez Whiz and horseradish spread in the shape of dollar signs." The hoi polloi don't know caviar when they see it? Whatever do they serve for hors d'oeuvres at their parties? Still, the article showed our support was appreciated. "I rolled down my window when I went by," said delegate and Onondaga County Legislator Robert Warner, Republican. "They were funny."

We also made appearances in Newsday (May 22) and The Edmonton Journal (May 20) and got a cool profile in Time Out New York (May 20-27). And at our most recent meeting, we had CNN in the house, obediently recording our words for posterity.

Finally, there are rumors that VH1 may be interested in picking up our big budget music video of "Voting Machine", a lovely ditty praising our friends at Diebold who have promised to deliver Ohio, and maybe a few more states, to our George W.

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