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Widen the Healthcare Gap! Talking Points


Widen the Healthcare Gap!
WARNING: Healthcare for everyone may cause severe loss of profits.
Whatever happened to an apple a day?
Wealth is health.
Keep a Stiff Upper Lipitor


Health care? Who cares?
Less healthcare, more wealthcare!
More pain, net gain.


Whatever happened to an apple a day?
What health care problem? I feel just fine.
Band-Aids are affordable.
Let them eat Advil.
Walk it off.

Talking Points

$ We're defending our pharmaceutical profits from attacks by SEIU (Service Employees International Union), who are clearly beholden to the special interests of ordinary Americans.

$ Whatever happened to an apple a day? Affordable healthcare for everyone will be hazardous to our bottom line.

$ The average American family is paying $2700 more in premiums than they were four years ago, which is great news for insurance companies. This is 10 times more than the average middle class tax cut.

$ Keeping our profits healthy will require some sacrifice -- not on our part, of course. The President has already closed veterans' hospitals, but he's not stopping there. His 2005 budget will double veterans' prescription drug co-payments, and it includes a $2.6 billion shortfall in veteran's healthcare funding. These will come in handy to pay for our tax cut.

$ The President understands that the public good has no place in public policy. George Bush's plan prohibits Medicare from negotiating with drug companies for lower prices on behalf of taxpayers. HMOs and drug makers charge whatever they want to and the public has no choice but to pay. Where else are people going to buy their medicines? Canada?

$ Uninsured Americans are starting to organize against our bottom line. They must be stopped. The President stands by us and our profits, and we're standing by him.



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