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II. Creating a Chapter

To be effective, we must band together with other Billionaires in our own geographic area. This gives us the illusion of believing in democracy and the value of public political participation.

Start Small, then Grow

A robust Billionaire Chapter will have at least ten active Billionaires, but you can get started with as few as two. Even with just one or two Billionaires you can initiate simple activities, like postering or petitioning. Use simple actions and social events (see "Organizing Billionaire Actions" below) to cultivate a larger cohort of active Billionaires. Once you have assembled a group of five to ten committed Billionaires, you have enough people to start preparing for bigger public actions.

Below are some tips on ways to find Billionaires and keep them engaged:
  • Start with your friends, then reach out to friends of friends, contacts, and sympathizers
  • Attract folks by hosting social activities (Croquet, Billionaire Ball, high tea, etc.)
  • Make new Billionaires feel welcome at meetings by acknowledging and introducing them
  • Encourage all new Billionaires to choose a Billionaire name, and help them to do so
  • Offer a variety of ways for new people to get involved, and try to make sure they have identified a way to "plug in" before they leave their first meeting/gathering
  • Share responsibility and information generously. This will increase commitment.
  • Remember names (Billionaire or original names, either works) - this is important!
  • Generate turnout for meetings and events with e-mail and follow-up phone calls
  • Emphasize minor successes; congratulate everyone involved
  • Refer new Billionaires to our web site for tips on what to wear and where to get stuff.

Go Public With a Strong Image

It is difficult for many of us to admit publicly that we are extremely wealthy. It can make us feel vulnerable — worried that people will approach us to ask for money, or scorn us because we have more than they do, or merely subject us to undue scrutiny. Nonetheless, Billionaires for Bush must make public appearances — as Billionaires — if we want to maintain the status quo. Billionaires should always come dressed appropriately. Wearing suitable attire is a fundamental element of how we communicate. Exceptions are rare, limited to when a Billionaire wants to be able to mix in undetected with non-Billionaires, as with Guerrilla Q&A (see "Joining Bush-Friendly Events" below).

Remember, image is everything! We want to be taken seriously by the media, by other wealthy people, and even by the unwashed public. We recommend that you make a tasteful and elegant banner or sign with your message on it. We've included several enlargable signs in this kit and there's more on the web site. Black on white in clear block letters is the easiest to read from the greatest distance. Of course, a little gold embossment around the edges provides a tasteful je ne sais quoi.

Visual unity is important. Remember, we make a bigger and more powerful impression (and we are about power) when we appear unified and dignified. For tips on what to wear, please review the section on suit-able attire. If you choose to counter-demonstrate at another group's action, be sure to stay together as a group, remaining distinct and separate from non-Billionaires. Our impact is lessened when ordinary protesters, all ratty in blue jeans and backpacks, try to mingle with our evening-gowned ladies and tuxedoed gentlemen.

Know the Issues

To start, you will need to openly acknowledge what issues you care most deeply about. Traditionally the Billionaires for Bush are most interested in buying political power and tightening the grip of corporate control across the world. For descriptions of several issues we care about and how to present them effectively, see "Spinning the Issues Like a Billionaire" below.

Appoint Officers

As with any well-run corporation, effective Billionaire chapters will have designated roles and responsibilities to help ensure the completion of important tasks.

Below are some suggested official titles and their corresponding roles.

Minister of Information Maintains database or list of Billionaire contact information (phones, e-mail) and sends notice of upcoming meetings and actions. Responsible for collecting contact info of new Billionaires when they first join a meeting.
Minister of Propaganda Oversees design and development of leaflets, posters and other printed materials. May also draft talking points for the media.
Minister of Surveillance Ensures actions are recorded by videographer, may or may not be the one to actually do the video recording.
Official Portraiturist Ensures actions are photographed, uploads photos to B4B web site or sends to someone else to do so.
Local (Media) Mogul Drafts and distributes media advisories and press releases, follows-up after action, cultivates press relations, develops and maintains media contact list.
Master of Ceremonies Overall organizer for a particular action, bottom-lines the event and makes sure key elements (press, leaflets, outreach, site visit, permits, coordination with other groups, etc.) are covered and coordinated.
Minister of Love Schedules and organizes regular social events to maintain group cohesion and identity.
Special Ops Minister Obtains information on Bush-friendly events by getting on list-serves, befriending Republican insiders or staffers by playing young Republican (clean-cut high school or college students are ideal for this role), and shares this info with group to help plan future Thank You Rallies, etc.
Social Director Welcomes, orients and introduces newcomers at meetings and events, helps them identify best way to get involved.

Stay in Touch

When you form a new chapter of Billionaires for Bush — please let us know! Its not that we don't trust you to go out and wield undue power and influence... it's just that we want the right hand to know what the other right hand is doing.

Drop a note of introduction to After you're up and running, post descriptions and photos of your actions at (action blog forthcoming Spring 2004!) Use this site to find ideas and inspiration from other chapters too!



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