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The DC Billionaires went to the MCI center to spread the good word: Stay at home on November 2nd--let our money do the voting! A huge crowd turned out to see us. Oh, yeah, some rock groups happened to be playing nearby.

Mary Riche uses her antiseptic gloves to avoid the germs carried by the uninsured masses. She hopes that some of them might be slumming billionaires who would like to attend our Billionaires' Ball.


Voting is hard! Let us do it for you! We own the machines anyway!

The Vote for Change concert was the debut for the charming Bitsy Blueblood, who was surrounded by beaus who were, alas, too scruffy for her.
Voting isn't for the masses!
Voting's for the upper classes!

We want to thank you for paying OUR taxes,
Please let us cast YOUR vote for you!

Stay at home, watch Fox News!
Let US be the ones who choose!
If we want your opinion, we'll tell you what it will be!

Anita Nuther Taxcutte impresses the crowd with her regal demeanor, (so regal that it's pronounced "demeanour").
Don't Forget to stay at home, November 2nd!

Claire Lee Superior helps promote Republican Block the Vote efforts.
"Here's a list of all the great TV shows you'll miss if you vote November 2nd!"

Don't Miss the Billionaires Ball, Oct. 23rd

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