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Left-wing tree huggers protest at Sinclair HQ outside Baltimore.
What? Are the airwaves some sort of public trust?

Consolidate the news! There are too many views!

Who owns the air? SINCLAIR!

Here's our flyer supporting Sinclair Broadcast Group (PDF file)

Citizens are attacking Sinclair Broadcast Group (SBG) just because it has the power to throw a presidential election. SBG operates 62 stations, reaching nearly a quarter of the nation's homes, and has ordered these stations to broadcast a one-sided "documentary" claiming that John Kerry's testimony in Congress harmed U.S. POWs in Vietnam. Billionaires for Bush are defending SBG and showing the world how baseless and un-American these accusations are:


They accuse the FEC of letting Sinclair give the Bush/Cheney campaign $9.9 million dollars in free advertising in swing states. That's what it would cost to run this 42 minute attack ad at Sinclair's usual rates.

OUR RESPONSE: A company's right to select TV shows is more important than citizens' rights to a fair election. Since corporations are legal individuals, but are denied the ballot, they have to make their voices heard. One dollar, one vote!


They accuse the FCC of giving Sinclair a license to use the public airwaves for free, but not holding them to their promise to use the airwaves for the public good, but instead for a partisan, corporate agenda. Sinclair's airing of the program is an illegal corporate "electioneering communication" that violates FCC policy.

OUR RESPONSE: We support FCC Chairman Powell for courageously saying that that he will not go against big media interests. What did you expect when you gave away the airwave spectrum? The airwave giveaway demonstrates the law of supply and demand in a   "free market" system: we get the supply for free, and have monopolies to put whatever we demand on the market! Sinclair gets the airwaves for free, and passes the savings on to you!


They accuse the FCC of letting Big Corporations control more and more of the media, leading to monopolies that restrict and spin our access to news.

OUR RESPONSE: Monopoly? There's incredible programming variety on television today! You can see reality shows about dating and marrying bachelors, bachelorettes, homosexuals, fake homosexuals, dwarves, millionaires and even fake millionaires.   How many different types of reality marriage shows do you people WANT anyway?


They accuse Sinclair CEOs of violating SEC regulations by advancing their political interests at the expense of shareholder value. Legally, CEOs have a fiduciary obligation to see that their shareholders make money, but Sinclair's partisan politics have led to the company holding about 10 times more debt than other media companies and being hardly profitable at all. The latest stunt attempting to throw the elections has caused SBG's stock to plummet.

OUR RESPONSE: SBG has generously arranged to take a hit for the team. Yes, all the pension funds and individuals who counted on SBG will lose their savings, but our candidate will ensure future media monopolies with even bigger profit margins! Everybody wins in the end! We urge you not to check with your broker to see if you qualify for the class-action suits against Sinclair Broadcasting Group!


They are striking Sinclair where it is most vulnerable, by listing advertisers and mutual funds that invest in Sinclair, and encouraging people to write letters and to boycott. They are even asking people to write to Wall Street analysts, the FEC, the FCC, and the SEC, and asking them to downgrade, disinvest, or investigate SBG.

OUR RESPONSE: Boycotts pervert the laws of the free market in the pursuit of social goals. Only top executives get to do that! We strongly urge you not to look at the lists of mutual funds and advertisers or get involved in any of the actions posted on the following sites:


Click here to get the above information in a handy flyer format(PDF file)

Hey traitors, get a clue! The airwaves don't belong to you!

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