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Sept. 24th: A Day for War

The Billionaires were there to tell 300,000 average Americans about the benefits of the great multi-billion dollar boondoggle in Iraq. Our own Ivana Moore-Enmoore wrote up an account of the event with pictures in her exclusive blog. If that link is outdated try this one.

Click these links for the Flyer, The Chants, and the Posters. Coverage in the blogs here.

Meg. A. Bucks, R. Owen Laws, Cher Nothing raise money for military contractors

Thurston Howell the IVth's simple and profound message goes over well

Liebling von Geld supports the troops more than YOU do, but not with money.

Cher Nothing tells it like it is.

Rand D. Ootsourcerer and Thurston Howell make eloquent points.

Anita Nuther Taxcutte, Roxanne Pearls, Liebling von Geld, Warren Proffet rehearsing

Meg A. Bucks looks confident in victory.

R. Owen Laws tried to get jaded protetsters to care about Halliburton.

Warren Proffet and Rand D. Ootsourcerer speak Power to Truth.

Thurston Howell the IVth and Cher Nothing above it all.

Ivan Tital leads the Billionaires through their talking points.

Liebling von Geld and Meg A. Bucks seranade the masses.

Anita Nuther Taxcutte asks, Where Is the Profit in Peace?

Cher Nothing is what Plutocracy Looks Like!

The billionaires make their case before the world and a blogger

Anita Nuther Taxcutte and Ivan Tital caught by bloggers

From UTNE Reader website
Anita Nuther Taxcutte and Ivan Tital on the UTNE reader blog

R. Owen Laws, Cher Nothing, and Liebling von Geld tire of the average American protesters.

Warren Profett, Cher Nothing, Roxanne Pearls, Rand D. Ootsourcerer, Famma Leigh Bludmonie

Ivan Tital and Anita Nuther Taxcutte

Roxanne Pearls, Ivan Tital, Warren Profett, and other billionaires

They Couldn't Get Enough Of Us!
They lined up to photograph R. S. Tocrat
R. Owen Laws and Cher Nothing Our signing crew at work
A blogger notes Meg A. Bucks fine organizational accumen.

A blogger catches Thurston and Cher educating Palestinians about the profit margins in occupation

Liebling von Geld Roxanne Pearls and

Ivan Tital works the crowd

The Ensemble: Roxanne Pearls (Western MA), R.S. Tocrat, Julia Riches, Cher Nothing (all NYC), Ivan Tital (DC), Thurston Howell the IVth (NYC), Anita Nuther Taxcutte, Ivana Drillit, R. Owen Laws, Ollie Garch (all DC), Meg A. Bucks (NYC), Claire Lee Superior (DC), Ivana Moore-Enmoore (Boston).

Blog Links

$ From the UTNE Reader Website

$ Photo of Billionaires Chanting "Four More Wars":

$ Photo of Billionaires before the march began:

$ Photo of Ivana Moore-Enmoore and R. Owen Laws:

$ Mention of Cher Nothing:

$ Mention of two of our signs(#44 and 45):

$ Cher Nothing and Thurston Howell IV:

$ Larger Group of Billionaires:

$ Signs and Meg's clipboard:

Blog Videos

Our magnificence is on display in a video of the September 24th Anti-war
March shot by the infamous Rev. Mykeru ( The direct link

If that link doesn't work, right click on the link and choose "Save Target
As" or "Save Link As". We show up around 4:10 and some of our signs are
legible despite the bad video quality.

Dan Wilcox of Brad Blog ( also shot a video. Around
4:35, the camera is focused on Cindy Sheehan and Jesse Jackson as they pass
us. Someone excitedly cries, "Billionaires for Bush! Billionaires for Bush
on the right!" and both Jesse and Cindy turn to see. Ah, an inspiring

The remainder of both videos give a good sense of what the march was like
and how fatiguing it was for us Billionaires - we had to contend with the
seemingly endless stream of rabble. At one point on the Brad Blog video,
marchers stop in front of the White House and chant "Liar! Liar! Liar!
Liar!". Good thing our Georgie was doing a photo op in Colorado at the


  • Save Our Oil! Cut Our Taxes!  Send the Poor to Iraq and Texas!
  • All We Are Saying Is Give Greed A Chance!
  • Money for War and Occupation, Not for Emergencies and Evacuations!
  • National Guard get on the Right Track! Out of New Orleans and Into Iraq!
  • 1,2,3,4 We Make Money When There's War
    5,6,7,8 No Bid-Contracts are Really Great!
  • Four More Wars!
  • We Support The Troops...MORE THAN YOU!
  • Hey Traitors, get a clue! Civil Rights are not for you!
  • Leave No Child Unrecruited!
  • War! What is it Good For? Halliburton's Profits


Note: signs are 12" x 18" and require some resizing for most paper sizes.