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The DC Billionaires went to Georgetown University to spread the good word about our candidate's education policies. The president believes that after-school programs, good schools, and college educations are best used by people who can pay for them. Don't throw good money at bad people! Keep "public" out of Republican!


Out of the Classroom, into the Sweatshops! Out of the Classroom, Into the Prisons! Out of the Classroom, into Iraq! That's the rallying cry of Famma Leigh Bludmunnie, Ivan Tital, Mary N. Ron, Anita Nuther Taxcutte, and Claire Lee Superior.

Holden Alda Cash and Famma Leigh Bludmunnie pass out flyers to children of privilege.

Mary N. Ron and Anita Nutther Taxcutte march for plutocratic privilege.

I'm sure you'll help us keep the riff-raff out of OUR ivory towers and OUR private picturesque campus greens.

"But officer, didn't you hear our chants? These are OUR hallowed halls and OUR ivory towers," enjoins Famma Leigh Bludmunnie.

But the laws of private pavement trump the First Amendment (we're not all that happy with "free" speech or "free" assembly either). So the Billionaires regroup on the borders of Georgetown University. Raise Tuition--Lower Our Taxes!

Our tactical retreat doesn't seem to have discouraged Claire Lee Superior.


Holden Alda Cash, Ivan Tital, Mary N. Ron, Anita Nuther Taxcutte, and Claire Lee Superior toast another successful action.

Thanks to Amalia of WPFW for taking the photos.

Billionaires for Bush is recruiting in D.C. and other urban areas. If you want to dress elegantly and spread our message in actions and rallies, we want to hear from you!

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