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CACI is a private military contractor that supplies our troops with translators and interrogators all across the world, including Abu Ghraib prison. On June 2nd, 2004 Liberal do-gooders recently protested at their Arlington headquarters, simply because a couple of their employees abused prisoners and were mentioned by name in the Taguba report on prison abuses.

Billionaires for Bush were there to protest in defense U.S. companies doing America's torture work.

Our chapter leader has a short film about other contractors in Iraq here

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Anita Hummer, Winsome More III, Marian Rich, Ivan Tital

Marian Rich and Ivan Tital speak Power to "Truth" on local Fox News

Don't Ship Jobs Abroad--Let CACI torture!


Billionaires for Bush is recruiting in D.C. and other urban areas. If you want to dress elegantly and spread our message in actions and rallies, we want to hear from you!

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