Billionaires for Bush

What to Wear, dears?

For men:

  • black tux or suit
  • bowtie, top hat, bowler hat
  • cigar (not lit in the club, please!)
  • monocle, white gloves, cane


  • Yachting attire
  • Polo or jockey outfit
  • Music industry billionaire
    (music exec, hip-hop or rock star)
  • Fox-hunting finery

For women:

  • gown (prom? bridesmaid?)
  • furs, diamonds, pearls
  • fancy scarf, opera gloves
  • heels, cigarette holder, tiara


  • Martha Stewart
  • Deposed Eurasian Royalty
  • International Velvet Equestrian
  • Executive Power Suit

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Pictures from previous Billionaires Balls

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